The Benefits and the Negative Aspects of Working and Living in Dubai

You cannot claim that the working and living conditions in any country are perfect. This is applicable to Dubai as well. The emirate has become very attractive for expatriate workers from all over the world. It is perfectly natural for any foreigner to be allured by the superb employment opportunities in Dubai and by the luxury lifestyle, which the city is renowned for. However, there are also some disadvantages to living and working in the emirate. That is why it is a good idea to consider all of the most notable pros and cons. Continue Reading

Social Security in Dubai – How It Works for Expats

There are so many aspects of moving to another country that it is perfectly natural for an expatriate to be overwhelmed. Before moving to Dubai, most foreign workers usually take care of their most urgent needs such as securing a resident visa for themselves and their families and arranging accommodation. However, there are also more specific and long term aspects related to living and working in Dubai that you should look into. Social security is perhaps the most important one of them.

The social security system in Dubai works relatively simply compared to the systems in other countries worldwide. The emirate has, plainly speaking, a very rich economy and despite the economic downturn the economic performance of the state is still good. The gross domestic product of the country is very high while the local population is relatively small in numbers. For these reasons, the nationals of Dubai are entitled to all possible social security benefits automatically. Those, who are employed, have very limited or sometimes no financial obligations to the state. Continue Reading

Higher Education in Dubai – Opportunities for Expats

Learning new things is a process that never stops. If you want to be one step ahead in today’s competitive work environment, you need to improve your qualifications constantly. Dubai is attracting a lot of international workers with its excellent job opportunities, but it also offers widely recognized higher education courses. No matter whether you are looking for a university for your grown up child or want to improve your qualification and get a better job, you will find superb establishments and courses in Dubai. Continue Reading

Buying Property in Dubai – A Quick Guide

When moving to Dubai, most expatriates look for an apartment or house to rent. However, you can readily consider buying a property in the emirate straight away or after you have lived in the city for a while. Given that Dubai has become one of the most appealing places for real estate investment in the world, it is worth considering this option. It is a good idea to look at the Dubai property market and the financing options before making a final decision.

You can purchase any kind of property in Dubai. The most suitable choices for residents are the houses and apartments situated in residential complexes. You can expect to find all amenities you can expect inside the property and in the complex, such as internet and cable TV as well as shops, children’s and sports playgrounds. You can opt for anything from one bedroom apartment to five bedroom house. Continue Reading

Leisure Time in Dubai – What the City Has to Offer

You probably do not imagine your expat life as working all the time. In many cases, the jobs in Dubai are demanding, but you have to have some fun as well. It is important for you to go out and have fun and meet people. This will certainly help you overcome the cultural shock from moving to a different country. The really great thing is that Dubai is becoming a world center of tourism and entertainment, so it will be easy for you to have the best leisure time of your life.

When foreigners think of Dubai, they usually imagine sandy beaches and warm turquoise sea. This is what you can enjoy almost al year round when living in the emirate. Most expatriates prefer to sign up with a hotel beach club, but you can readily go to any place that you want. If you want to take the water fun a little bit further, you can spend a day or two in the Wild Wadi water park or in Dolphin Bay in Palm Jumeirah. Continue Reading

Dubai Cultural and Legal Matters Expatriates Should Be Aware of

Dubai is certainly a lot more different than your home country, especially if you come from Europe or the USA. There are some cultural, religious and legal issues that you should be aware of even before deciding to move to and work in the emirate. You have to keep in mind the fact that the Dubai laws are closely linked to the Islamic ones. This is not a reason for concern, but you might have to modify your social conduct to fit into the local social environment.

The most notable matter concerns the dress code, especially when you are at work. You have to wear appropriate clothes at work. This is particularly applicable to women. You should not put on short skirts and tops with thin straps. This should not be a problem since these types of outfits are inappropriate in most offices everywhere in the world. You should avoid wearing any garments, which are too provocative, in public. You might have legal charges pressed against you, even though this hardly ever happens. Continue Reading

Driving in Dubai – What You Should Know as an Expat

Even with the introduction of the Dubai metro, car driving remains the most popular type of transportation in the emirate. It should be fairly easy for you to buy a car. There are various models from all internationally renowned brands sold in Dubai. You can opt for a new or a pre-owned car depending on your preferences and budget. You can also undergo a driving course, if you cannot get a local driving license automatically. The administrative process related to becoming a driver in Dubai is relatively easy, but driving on the roads might prove to be not as simple. Continue Reading

Shopping in Dubai – Options, Choices and Prices

You have come to Dubai to work, but you should not leave leisure out of your life. The emirate is one of the most attractive tourist destinations primarily because of the excellent pastime it provides to visitors. Once you have settled in the city, you can readily go and explore the local stores. Dubai offers some of the best shopping opportunities in the world.

Dubai is world famous for its malls which are much more than shopping centers. They offer first class leisure to anyone who is ready to have some fun. Each mall has hundreds of outlets with all sorts of products. You can buy literally anything. All of the top fashion and electronics brands are represented in Dubai. Continue Reading

What to Do in Case You Lose Your Job in Dubai

Dubai is definitely among the best places in the world to live and work in. Expatriate workers benefit from the tax free income they receive, the work contracts with all sorts of allowances and the flexible loan and savings options. However, the situation is not perfect. Just like anywhere else in the world, you might lose your job in Dubai. The reasons may be different, but you have to be able to overcome the shock and do your best to get out of this unpleasant situation.

If you are fired because you have breached your contract or have not complied with an aspect of the local corporate culture, then you will probably be asked to leave the emirate. Unless there are not any charges pressed against you, you will usually be given 30 days to find a new employment before you will have to go back home. Continue Reading

Schools in Dubai – Choosing a School for Your Child

A lot of expatriates coming to live and work in UAE prefer to take their entire family with them. This is perfectly natural, if you plan to live in Dubai or any other emirate for a long time. After securing visas for your family, you have to pay special attention to choosing a school for your child or children. This is an important matter that should be arranged well in advance. You have to take into account the school system in Dubai, its current situation, some legal requirements and other factors. Continue Reading