Shopping in Dubai – Options, Choices and Prices

You have come to Dubai to work, but you should not leave leisure out of your life. The emirate is one of the most attractive tourist destinations primarily because of the excellent pastime it provides to visitors. Once you have settled in the city, you can readily go and explore the local stores. Dubai offers some of the best shopping opportunities in the world.

Dubai is world famous for its malls which are much more than shopping centers. They offer first class leisure to anyone who is ready to have some fun. Each mall has hundreds of outlets with all sorts of products. You can buy literally anything. All of the top fashion and electronics brands are represented in Dubai.

It will be difficult for you to visit all the malls in the city, but you should definitely include a number of them in your shopping tour. Dubai Mall is the latest of its kind in the emirate. It is an excellent place for buying high street fashion items. It is located in Burj Dubai. This is yet another advantage since you will be able to visit the tallest building in the world. You should not miss to go to Mercato. This themed shopping mall has an amazing architecture, which is worth being explored along with the numerous outlets. Mall of the Emirates is certainly worth visiting not only because of the shops in it. It is home of a large aquarium, an ice rink and long ski slopes.

The opening times of malls vary, but they are usually open from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening. Friday evening is the busiest time to shop at these places, so you might want to pay them a visit during other times of the week.

The prices in the malls are relatively high, but they are comparable to the ones in all major cities worldwide. You can readily find good deals. However, keep in mind that the prices in the outlets are fixed. You are not expected to bargain in a mall, even though they might be some exceptions in the case of electronics. Still, if you want to get really cheap prices, you might consider getting pre-used items such as air-conditioners or television sets.

You can find plenty of stores outside of the malls in Dubai. The opening times vary, but you can expect most places to be closed on Friday for prayers at least between 11.30 and 1 pm. During Ramadan the stores are usually closed until 4 pm. The prices in these stores vary depending on their type and the items you buy.

You cannot live in Dubai and never visit a local souk. The bustling markets offer everything – you can buy souvenirs, silk, carpets, gold, food and spices. You should not miss to have a walk around the shops and enjoy the atmosphere in the busy narrow streets, even if you do not plan to buy anything in particular. You will certainly be fascinated with the beauty and the aromas as well as by the treats the vendors offer to potential customers. Sampling and bargaining in the souks is perfectly acceptable.


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