Nightlife in Dubai – The Most Important Things Expats Should Know

Most expatriates are relocating to Dubai because of a well-paid job and the liberal tax system. Still, you cannot sit at home every night after work. The city has become one of the best tourist destinations in the world and this is due not only to luxury hotels, but also to the fabulous entertainment options. You should definitely have more outings in Dubai. The city’s nightlife is definitely worth exploring. It is worth learning more about its specifics, so that you can make the most out of your time out.

There are plenty of pubs, bars and clubs in Dubai. You will certainly find a place that matches your preferences and requirements ideally. You can relax in a hip lounge with a superb view with a cocktail in hand. You can also choose the classic pub experience or some shisha is a more traditional place. There are a number of large clubs that have all sorts of music events going on. These include entertainment shows with themes, such as circus, for instance. The clubs also host performances of top DJs from around the world.

It is up to you to decide on the music you want to enjoy. There are plenty of places with live jazz music which might be surprising to some. You can also enjoy ethnic rhythms from the Arab world, India or Africa. Still, the places with club music are the most abundant. Generally, there is something for everyone.

Most popular clubs and bars in Dubai are in the hotels and resorts. This is perfectly normal given the expansion of the tourist industry in recent years. The good news is that access is not reserved to guests only. Anyone can enter freely. There are also a few popular clubs and bars in the different residential complexes. The access to them is unrestricted as well. There are also plenty of great nightlife spots in the liveliest area of the city, Umm Suqeim.

The Dubai clubs and bars are some of the trendiest in the Emirates and can really stand up to the places in cities, such as London and New York. Still, music stops at exactly 3 am. The rule is very strict, so there are not exceptions. This should not be a problem since this is the norm in a lot of places in the world. Another specific aspect that you should be aware of is the Ramadan period. A large number of clubs are not open during this type of year. Those that are do not have live music and do not allow dancing. In addition, Muslims might not be let in.

Cover charges are not something common, but there are places at which you have to pay for entry. This is usually the case when there are shows or DJ performances. The cover may include some drinks, so it is not so bad if you have to pay one. The cost of a night out will depend on the place or places you go to and on what you consume.

The best days to enjoy Dubai’s nightlife are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


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