What to Do in Case You Lose Your Job in Dubai

Dubai is definitely among the best places in the world to live and work in. Expatriate workers benefit from the tax free income they receive, the work contracts with all sorts of allowances and the flexible loan and savings options. However, the situation is not perfect. Just like anywhere else in the world, you might lose your job in Dubai. The reasons may be different, but you have to be able to overcome the shock and do your best to get out of this unpleasant situation.

If you are fired because you have breached your contract or have not complied with an aspect of the local corporate culture, then you will probably be asked to leave the emirate. Unless there are not any charges pressed against you, you will usually be given 30 days to find a new employment before you will have to go back home.

The problem is that in order to sign a contract with a new employer, you will have to obtain a no objection certificate from your previous one. Given that they have fired you, you are not likely to receive permission from them. Still, you can try your chances, but it is best to be prepared to leave. Keep in mind that you will have to end your rent contract and you have to arrange the moving back home. You might readily consider selling some of the items you have in order to speed up the process.

If you are made redundant in Dubai due to a shift in the economy or due to corporate restructuring, the situation will be slightly different for you. You will still have 30 days to find a new job or you will have to leave the emirate since you will no longer be getting sponsorship for your visa. However, since you have been a reliable worker who has performed their duties well, you have higher chances of getting a job.

You should definitely use any contacts that you have made through networking. Do not hesitate to ask around for any employment opportunities. You can talk to other expats and your co-workers. If you are in good terms with your boss, you can readily ask them for assistance as well. Generally, it is a great idea for you to look at the job ads as well. Many employers will find it easier to hire someone who is already in Dubai, as long as the worker will have no problem obtaining a no objection certificate from their previous employer.

You will have to take a different approach, if the company you are working for ceases operations in Dubai or closes down. You will need to obtain a special certificate from the local Ministry of Labor that allows you to get a sponsorship work visa from a new employer. The process is usually long, so it is bet to contact the authorities immediately after you are dismissed from work.

Generally, you are highly recommended to consult a lawyer specializing in labor and immigration law, if you lose your job in Dubai. In this way, you will get all the legal advice that is relevant in your particular situation. The lawyer can also help you in the arrangement of any labor disputes between you and your previous employer.


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