Higher Education in Dubai – Opportunities for Expats

Learning new things is a process that never stops. If you want to be one step ahead in today’s competitive work environment, you need to improve your qualifications constantly. Dubai is attracting a lot of international workers with its excellent job opportunities, but it also offers widely recognized higher education courses. No matter whether you are looking for a university for your grown up child or want to improve your qualification and get a better job, you will find superb establishments and courses in Dubai.

The emirate is home to a number of international universities that are affiliated with educational establishments in Western countries. It is possible for you to study in an American, British, French or even Canadian and Australian university in Dubai. In most cases, your diploma will be internationally recognized. Some universities offer even more flexible options to their students. You can complete part of your higher education in Dubai and then transfer your credits to a university in the respective country, such as Britain or Canada, for instance.

You can study literally everything in Dubai. You can expect to find undergraduate courses in any discipline from mathematics and information technology to fashion. A lot of the study programs offered to students are closely related to the fast growing industries in Dubai. You can sign up for an undergraduate course in tourism, hospitality management and hotel management. This gives you excellent job prospects in Dubai, given that the share of the tourist industry in the economy is constantly growing. It is even possible for you to enroll in a golf management course. Provided that this sport is rapidly developing in Dubai and is popular with the rich and famous, the opportunities a management position can give you are really worth considering, no matter how untypical the profession sounds.

It is perfectly possible for you to do your postgraduate study in Dubai. Several universities offer such courses as well. You can do research in many fields of science, even though the opportunities might be more limited than the ones in countries such as the US or Britain. However, you can rely on the business orientated courses to be of the highest standard of quality. You can readily do an MBA in Dubai. In fact, there are business schools established for the purpose of teaching such courses.

It is definitely a good idea to complete your higher education in Dubai. You should be very careful when choosing a university. It is important to evaluate the quality of teaching as well as the facilities the education establishment provides. You should definitely check in detail the level of affiliation the university has with Western counterparts. The tuition fees vary from one university to another. They also depend on the program that you enroll in. Make sure you know what you will be paying for your course. Last, but not least, you have to check the admissions requirements the universities have. You can expect the international establishments in Dubai to have similar entry standards to the ones in their countries.


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