An Overview of the Top High Salary Jobs in Dubai

When looking for employment, one of the most important things you will be interested in is how much you will get paid. Since most expats decide to work in Dubai for the sake of having a higher income, this factor automatically becomes number one, when searching for a job. It is definitely a good idea to look at the best paid jobs in Dubai.

The professionals, such as lawyers and engineers, can rely on a very high salary in Dubai. The remuneration corresponds to the level of qualification and experience as well as to the position you are taking. Depending on these factors, a professional can expect to receive anywhere between 5,000 and 40,000 AED per month.

Surprisingly or not, non-professionals in some industries can get relatively high salaries for the services they provide. Receptionists can receive between 10,000 and 15,000 AED a month, if they are bilingual. Front desk managers at hotels, bar managers, restaurant managers and chefs receive similar remunerations as well. Cabin crew members can also receive a salary as high as 10,000 AED per month. A personal assistant with experience working for a high-level company manager, executive or a self-employed professional can receive up to 25,000 AED in the form of a monthly salary.

The salaries in the healthcare sector in Dubai are also quite high. A doctor’s monthly remuneration can be as large as 75,000 AED. Nurses can receive up to 10,000 EAD a month. This remuneration is much higher than the one that nurses receive in most countries.

Teachers in international and western schools in Dubai receive very high salaries as well. An experienced teacher can get up to 20,000 AED a month. A university professor, on the other hand, may be able to negotiate a salary as large as 22,000 AED.

The managerial positions in all industries are very well paid. A mid-level company manager can receive up to 30,000 AED per month. Senior company managers may be paid as much as 50,000 AED. Hospitality managers might secure a monthly salary as high as 45,000 AED.

The size of the salary will depend on the company or a hotel you are working for. Still, you can expect to get bonuses related to performance.

Despite the fact that the banking sector has suffered substantially from the economic downturn, salaries of bank management employees remain high. A senior manager can receive up to 50,000 AED. Investment bankers do not seem to get lower salaries than traditionally either. Depending on their position in the hierarchy, an investment banker can receive between 50,000 and 100,000 AED in the form of a monthly salary. Again, bonuses are common, so the annual remuneration is higher than the sum of the monthly salaries.

Chief executive officers have the best paid jobs in Dubai, much like in any other country in the world. A CEO of a large company can expect to receive anywhere between 50,000 and 150,000 AED per month. The salaries of CEOs in the banking sector have a slightly higher lower range limit. A chief executive officer in a bank can get anywhere between 100,000 and 150,000 AED.


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  1. I’ve been there, the country is facing some economic problems now. Even so they pay well for any job you choose, good salary, but the landscapes are even better.

  2. dear sirs /madam,

    happy to see this website…i am looking for a high salried job perusing your site was a little boost for me…and i wonder to fetch a salary ranged job of 15,ooo uaed ,can you help me in anyways,i wonder.i am good in speaking and writing english,i am epxerienced in sales & marketing jobs.i am western educated but an indian citizen.i look forward a management job or in 5*hotel jobs

    Thanks n best regards

  3. What about Aviation Industry? Can you please, provide information about salaries offered to Aviation and Airport Professionals?

  4. I’ve been so impressed by reading this article about jobs in Dubai,so please let me know about your jobs detailed .

  5. How about optometry jobs?
    How’s the remuneration like?
    How easy is it for an African to get into the uae and practise there?

  6. I want to know what is the salary of an electrical engineer in l and t with 10 years experience

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