Dubai Job Market 2010 – What to Expect as a Job Seeker

The world economy has not fully recovered from the major downturn that began back in 2007. A lot of rapidly developing economies like Dubai have been hit seriously. However, the emirate has not suffered substantially from the economic fluctuations. It is true that some major construction development projects have been put on hold, but this important industry is still functioning well. There are a number of projects that have been completed recently with the most notable example being the Tower. The financial and tourism sectors have suffered some losses, but they are now recovering. All these economic effects are reflected in the Dubai job market.

The employment situation is different compared to the one back in 2007. You can expect to find fewer job vacancies in all industries. However, their number has not dropped substantially. There are a lot of companies hiring new workers with qualifications and skills in different fields. As highlighted earlier the Dubai economy is developing and this process cannot be halted even though it has been slowed down a bit. The really great news is that the number of vacancies is expected to increase gradually over the next months of 2010. You have to keep in mind that as usually some of the industries in Dubai have higher demand for workers than others. You have to take into consideration these specifics before starting your job search.

You can expect the job vacancies in the tourist services sector to be a lot. There is and always has been a high demand for administrative and office workers in this particular industry. Those employment seekers with experience as hotel receptionists will certainly be highly successful in finding and securing a job. As a result of the boom in the tourist industry there are a lot of positions available for waiters, housekeepers, babysitters and people with experience in family entertainment. There are many vacancies in the spa and wellness sector as well. The beauty specialists, masseuses and fitness trainers are highly sought after.

The financial sector in Dubai has not been seriously hit by the recession and is now experiencing a substantial recovery given the timely and adequate measures taken by the government for the stabilization of this sector. Still, the finance and banking job vacancies in the emirate are not many at present. However, there are many accounting and managerial positions that are waiting to be taken. The sales sector is also doing well and a lot of vacancies in it are available for interested job seekers. As said earlier the Dubai job market in the construction sector is recovering slowly. The demand for construction workers is not high even though it is expected to increase in the future.

The experienced specialists can easily find employment in Dubai. There are a lot of vacant positions available in the medical sector for professionals with the necessary qualifications. The IT specialists are highly sought after as well. There are a lot of job opportunities for engineers especially in the oil and gas industry.


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