Practical Tips on Buying a Computer in Dubai

Settling in Dubai or in any other foreign country for that matter is usually a long process. Buying a computer is definitely a top priority, if you are not bringing one with you. You will certainly need it for work. Moreover, you will have a fast, easy and cheap way to communicate with your friends and family back home. Here is some helpful advice on how to buy a computer in Dubai.

As a start, you have to decide on the type of pc you will need. The laptops and notebooks are always the best choices for those who need a computer for work. You can get a standard pc, if you plan to use it primarily at home for entertainment and connecting to friends. You can find computers from all brands and of all models in Dubai.

The emirate aims to be not only an economic, but also a technological superpower in the Middle East. If you are into electronics and want the latest and most innovative pc, you can readily visit the Gitex expo held every year in October. It is the largest exhibition in the region and it is definitely worth exploring.

In general, the prices of computers in Dubai tend to be lower than the ones in Western Europe and the US. One of the reasons for this is that there is not VAT to be levied on them. However, with the economic downturn affecting the country badly, the prices of computers seem to have climbed slightly. That is why it is a good idea to be on the watch out for promotional and discount deals.

The large stores for electronics found in the major Dubai malls usually have a wide range of pc models to choose from. The discount and promotional deals are not abundant, but you can secure a loan to pay for the product you buy or arrange to pay in installments. Various installment payment options are available to credit card holders. This will relieve your financial burden to an extent.

The large hypermarkets in Dubai sell computers as well. They are known to offer some of the best bargains in town. You should definitely check out the offers they have. The range of products may not be particularly large, but you can readily save money. Another alternative is to buy a computer online. There are plenty of Dubai electronic online stores that have great deals. Most of them have wholesale prices, so you can be certain that you will get an automatically lower price than the one in the store for almost any model. Just make sure you are making the purchase from a reliable seller.

Last, but not least, you have to check the warranty of the computer you buy very carefully. All products should come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but most retailers in Dubai offer their own warranty as well. This is an added bonus that you should not miss to get. You will find it quite useful in case you need to get your computer repaired while staying in Dubai.


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