Working as a Teacher in Dubai – All about Opportunities, Options and Application

Educating young people is one of the most rewarding jobs. You also have plenty of work opportunities as a teacher. The demand for expat teachers in Dubai is relatively high and has retained its levels despite the economic downturn. You can expect to find a teaching job in the emirate relatively easily as long as you know how to make the right search and application. Before doing this, it is a good idea to learn more about the opportunities and options you have to work as a teacher in Dubai.

The employment opportunities for teachers come from different places. The private schools usually have higher demand for expat staff even though many state schools are looking for foreign nationals with teaching experience as well. Dubai has become multinational due to the economic boom and there are a lot of international schools looking for teachers from abroad as well.

According to the education regulations in the emirates a teacher cannot get paid less than 2,000 Dhs per month. You can expect to be offered a salary up to 6,000 Dhs in state schools and from 10,000 to 20,000 Dhs in private ones. In the majority of cases the employment package also includes accommodation or at least an accommodation allowance. You will also have medical insurance. Some of your flights into and out of Dubai will also be covered. Utility and transportation allowances may be included in the package as well.

The work in a Dubai school involves all the performance of all standard teacher duties. The school week is from Sunday to Thursday and the work hours are usually from 7.30 or 8 in the morning to 2.30 or 3 in the afternoon. The dress code for men and women is standard.

In order to secure a teaching job in Dubai, you have to have the necessary qualifications. You have to show relevant certificates and diplomas. Generally, as an expat you have to have excellent English language skills. The majority of international schools prefer to higher only nationals of English speaking countries with degrees in education. You can also qualify if you have certification from and experience working in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Teachers with other qualifications, however, should not hesitate to apply if they can match the requirements of employers.

It is easy to find a teaching job in Dubai. You should definitely check out the posted an on job websites regularly. It is also a good idea for you to be an active employment seeker. There are various teaching job fairs presenting opportunities in Dubai and the rest of UAE organized in different countries all over the world. You should definitely research the ones in your country or part of the world and attend to do some valuable networking. You can also find and contact teaching and school organizations that run and offer work abroad programs. You should not hesitate to make speculative applications to Dubai schools after contacting them. You are highly recommended not to pay upfront fees to recruitment agencies promising to find you a teaching job.


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  1. My name is Anastasia and I work as a teacher in Educational Center in Russia.I love children very much and I wish to continue developing myself,so I dream of coming to work to the UAE as a teacher of any level.Hope to get some good job there.
    Thanks for useful information.=))

  2. My name is Faiz Akhtar and I am a Year 4 teacher. I have been a teacher for 13 years and would like to broaden my teaching and learning career to teach in Dubai -Abu Dhabi. I would like to apply for jobs that involve secondement opportunities. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Faiz Akhtar

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