Popular Festivals in Dubai – A Guide for Expats

Dubai is a great place to work given the tax free salaries and the fast growing economy providing lots of employment opportunities. At the same time, you will never get bored living in the vibrant city. You can readily enjoy its natural surroundings – sunbathe on the beach or camp in dessert. There are various leisure activities that you can enjoy as well. The festivals in Dubai are certainly among the most notable cultural events that you should not miss.

You should really try to attend the Dubai Film Festival. You might have to use some effort to get to see a movie, but your effort will be worth it. The even is held annually, in the first days of December. If you are a dedicated cinema fan, you would definitely want to see a work or works that have not been released and shown in theatres. Ever since the first festival in 2004, the event has gained a huge popularity and in recent years it has been attended by numerous celebrities from the film industry. If you manage to attend, you will certainly get to see a lot of famous actors, actresses and directors making comments and giving interviews.

The Dubai International Jazz Festival is certainly an event that should not be missed. It is held in February every year. Large concerts take place in the amphitheatre of Dubai Media City while other events take place in the Jazz Garden of the same complex. Musicians from around the world participate in the festival. Internationally popular bands and singers perform often, but you will certainly find the performances of other musicians enjoyable as well. Tickets are easily obtainable for almost all events. Still, you might have to make early bookings for the concerts of jazz stars. You can join the Dubai International Jazz Festival Friends Club to get discount tickets and different prizes.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the most popular events in the emirate that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. It takes place in January and/or February every year. Undoubtedly, the best thing about this annually held event is the discount shopping. Most malls and stores in the city participate, so you will find discounts on almost any product you can think of from clothing to furniture. Given that there is no value added tax on the goods, you can really make some great bargains.

Even though the festival is mostly about shopping, you can expect to enjoy a range of fun events and activities. There are fireworks almost every evening. There are numerous cultural events and shows, such as concerts, art exhibitions and theatre performances, for audiences of all ages held all over the city. There are special leisure activities with discounts as well, such as visits to the zoo and dessert safaris.

You should really not miss out on any of the leisure events in Dubai and on any of these festivals. You should not hesitate to invite some friends and family from back home to visit you during these festivals. It will definitely be worth it.


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