Leisure Time in Dubai – What the City Has to Offer

You probably do not imagine your expat life as working all the time. In many cases, the jobs in Dubai are demanding, but you have to have some fun as well. It is important for you to go out and have fun and meet people. This will certainly help you overcome the cultural shock from moving to a different country. The really great thing is that Dubai is becoming a world center of tourism and entertainment, so it will be easy for you to have the best leisure time of your life.

When foreigners think of Dubai, they usually imagine sandy beaches and warm turquoise sea. This is what you can enjoy almost al year round when living in the emirate. Most expatriates prefer to sign up with a hotel beach club, but you can readily go to any place that you want. If you want to take the water fun a little bit further, you can spend a day or two in the Wild Wadi water park or in Dolphin Bay in Palm Jumeirah.

You do not have to go to the beach all the time, however. You can readily take your family and/ or your friends to a picnic in the park. Dubai boasts with numerous green areas with the most popular one being Safa Park, where you can play football, take a boat ride on the lake or just relax under the green shade of a tree. You should definitely go on a desert safari at least once while you are in Dubai. You will be amazed by the wild beauty of this place and the kinds of fun activities on offer.

Those expatriates who are sports fans can readily enjoy a plethora of sports events in Dubai. You can watch traditional horse or camel races, but you can also watch the world’s best golfers, tennis players and rugby teams in the international annual tournaments taking place in the emirate.

You can do all sorts of sports in Dubai with some of the more exciting being water surfing, snorkeling and skiing. Yes, you can enjoy long and challenging slopes with real snow in Mall of the Emirates. If you are tired of exercising, you can relax in any of the spa centers offering the most innovative and relaxing treatments.

The cultural events are also plentiful in Dubai. You will certainly love to explore the various art exhibitions and attend a live music concert. You should definitely visit the most notable local museums, such as the Dubai Museum. They have amazing collections of valuable artifacts from the region. This is a great way to learn more about the local cultural customs and traditions.

Eating out in Dubai should definitely become a tradition for you. You can choose from small restaurants with traditional local specialties to the most hip places in town offering international cuisine. You can readily take advantage of a restaurant guide to pick the best places.

There is one word that can describe the nightlife in Dubai – glamorous. If you want to enjoy the most hip bars and clubs, this is the right place for you. You can choose from many different places offering various kinds of music, drinks and entertainment.


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