An Overview of the Top Sports Activities to Enjoy in Dubai

In order to have the most fulfilling time in Dubai, you should not focus on your work solely. There are plenty of leisure activities that the emirate has to offer. You can go shopping and enjoy your time in the stores or around the stalls in the souks. You can go sunbathing on the beach, explore the local art galleries or have a pleasant evening in one of the lavish lounges. You can readily enjoy plenty of sports activities in Dubai as well. Here are some of the most popular ones among expats and locals alike. Continue Reading

Leisure Time in Dubai – What the City Has to Offer

You probably do not imagine your expat life as working all the time. In many cases, the jobs in Dubai are demanding, but you have to have some fun as well. It is important for you to go out and have fun and meet people. This will certainly help you overcome the cultural shock from moving to a different country. The really great thing is that Dubai is becoming a world center of tourism and entertainment, so it will be easy for you to have the best leisure time of your life.

When foreigners think of Dubai, they usually imagine sandy beaches and warm turquoise sea. This is what you can enjoy almost al year round when living in the emirate. Most expatriates prefer to sign up with a hotel beach club, but you can readily go to any place that you want. If you want to take the water fun a little bit further, you can spend a day or two in the Wild Wadi water park or in Dolphin Bay in Palm Jumeirah. Continue Reading