The Benefits and the Negative Aspects of Working and Living in Dubai

You cannot claim that the working and living conditions in any country are perfect. This is applicable to Dubai as well. The emirate has become very attractive for expatriate workers from all over the world. It is perfectly natural for any foreigner to be allured by the superb employment opportunities in Dubai and by the luxury lifestyle, which the city is renowned for. However, there are also some disadvantages to living and working in the emirate. That is why it is a good idea to consider all of the most notable pros and cons.

The tax free income is definitely a great advantage of working and living in Dubai. Generally, you will pay very little in terms of taxes to the local government. This leaves with a very large disposable income compared to your salary. There are various employment benefits for expatriate workers as well. You can receive accommodation allowance. It is also perfectly possible for your rent to be fully paid by your employer. Many expat workers also receive utilities, transportation and even childcare allowances.

The banking system in Dubai is very well developed. There are various local and international banks in the emirate. It is fairly easy to obtain a car loan and even financing to buy a property in the city. You can expect to find various flexible borrowing options. This is equally applicable to saving money.

One thing is certain – you can make a living when working in Dubai. However, you should consider the general living costs you will incur in the emirate. The rent prices have fallen since the plunge in the property market, but they are still relatively high, even when compared to the ones in Western countries. In general, Dubai is an expensive place to live, even though you will find that the utilities are relatively chap. You will have to spend a significant sum on a car, furniture and electric appliances. Still, you have the option of purchasing pre-used models at lower prices.

Despite the relatively high prices, you will find a wide range of social benefits in the emirate. The healthcare is excellent, especially in the private hospitals, which are popular with expatriates. If your children live with you in Dubai, they will certainly receive high quality education. There are various establishments from nursery and primary schools to secondary schools and universities. Most of these have excellent facilities and teaching. The only disadvantage of private schooling in Dubai is that it tends to be costly. The good news is that the government is making efforts to set a limit on fees.

You will certainly enjoy your free time in Dubai. The recreational opportunities are many and different. Even though there are some restrictions concerning the consumption of alcohol and the dress code in public, the social norms in Dubai are much more relaxed compared to the ones in other emirates.

The climate in Dubai can be challenging, especially during the summer, but when you take the necessary measures, you will be able to cope with the high temperatures. The extremely busy traffic is considered to be a greater threat, given the large number of road accidents in the emirate. However, there are indications that the problems will be solved in the near future.


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