Dubai Rentals – Your Responsibilities as a Tenant

Finding accommodation in Dubai is relatively easy. You will find plenty of ads for furnished as well as for unfurnished apartments. You will also be able to rent a house or a villa if you come with your family to the emirate. The shared accommodation is also an option for those who cannot afford to stay in a flat on their own. Just like any other country Dubai has specific property renting regulations. You have to be aware of your responsibilities as a tenant as well as of the rights of the landlord in order to have a pleasant and beneficial stay in the emirate.

You should have secured a job position with a company in Dubai before looking for accommodation. This is necessary for a number of reasons with the primary one being that most landlords prefer to sign an agreement with the employer of their tenant. Still, it is possible for you to have a contract with the renter, but you have to present a valid residence visa.

Some expats prefer to use the former option even if they have all the legal immigration papers to sign a contract on their own. This usually happens because the employer provides housing allowance. You are highly recommended to discuss any such possibilities with the people you will be working for. In many cases, the employers are willing to cover a certain percentage of the rent.

There is one specific about renting a Dubai property that you should be well aware of before signing a tenancy agreement. You will be required to pay the entire rent once you move in. Given that most rental contracts are for a year, you have to be able to prepare a significant sum. You can readily ask your employer to help you by providing you with an allowance or by paying some of your remuneration upfront. It is also a good idea for you to try to negotiate some extension of part of the rent payment with the landlord.

Before signing the tenancy agreement you need to be aware of certain additional costs. You will have to make a security deposit, which will be refunded fully to you at the end of your stay in case there are not any property damages. You will have to pay municipality charges which are approximately 5% of your rent. Apart from the standard monthly utility expenses, you can also expect to incur separate car parking costs that are not included in the rent.

As a tenant you are not supposed to make any changes to the property. Furthermore, you have to keep the moral norms in Dubai. In many cases the police sanctions for parties with loud music and alcohol are extremely strict. In turn you may have problems with your landlord and even with your employer. At the same time the rights of tenants are fully protected by the law. You cannot be evicted without a valid reason. You should be notified of any such intention by the landlord 90 days in advance. You can approach the Rent Committee if you believe you will be unlawfully evicted.


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