Dubai Job Hunting – Tips for Expats

A lot of people dream of getting a job in the Emirates. Dubai seems to be one of the best places to live in the world given its technologically advanced infrastructure, great accommodations, gigantic shopping centers and lovely warm beaches. You will certainly get these benefits, but you have to secure an employment first. This is not easy particularly for expats. Thus, you have to do your best to find the right position and secure it.

The Dubai job market has not suffered seriously from the global economic downturn. You can find plenty of jobs in the tourist, finance and retail industry. The experienced medical and engineering professionals are also highly sought after. But at present the local authorities have engaged in the so called “emiratization”. They are encouraging companies to hire more local workers especially for the positions that require high qualifications.

So, it is essential for you to monitor the job ads closely. In this way you will seize the opportunity once it presents itself. This is the best way in which you can get a position available for expats. The right approach is to check daily the employment ads websites on the internet dedicated to presenting job vacancy offers for emigrants coming to Dubai. This is a very efficient method.

The networking is another superb way to get a job in Dubai. It has been estimated that approximately three quarters of all vacancies are never publically advertised. They are offered directly to individuals the recruiters have a personal contact with. This practice is quite common in the Emirates but this is becoming more of a global trend so you should really focus on networking if you have a hard time finding the right job offer.

It is only logical to ask how to network with companies from abroad. The best way is to research the local industry that you are interested in first. Then you can narrow your focus to the companies that are likely to hire expats. You should definitely learn more about their products and operations. You should also find the companies’ contact details, preferably those of the human resources departments. The next step is to tailor a CV for the particular company or industry. Then you have to make speculative applications. You simply have to send your CV so that the recruiters can consider you when they look for hiring personnel.

This networking approach is effective, but you should also try to make personal connections with Dubai company representative if you have the opportunity to do so. You may have friends who already work in the emirate. You can readily ask them to recommend you to their employer. Another approach is to keep your contacts with employers who have liked you, but have not hired you due to technical reasons. They might be willing to recommend you to other employers in their industry.

It is essential for you not to go directly to Dubai in the hope of finding employment. It is best to have secured a job, a visa as well as an accommodation before you leave home.


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