What to Do in Case You Are Involved in a Car Accident in Dubai

Regrettably, Dubai is not the safest place to drive in the world. In fact, the emirate is quite high up in the charts for road accidents with approximately 2000 happening every year. Hopefully, provided that you drive safely and carefully keeping all road traffic regulations, you will never get into an accident. However, it is worth knowing what to do in such a situation, since panic and confusion are quite common among drivers and passengers alike.

In case you get involved in a card accident in Dubai, you have to contact the police immediately. The emergency number is 999. You can use this number of 998 to call an ambulance. 997 is the telephone of the fire and civil defense. The dispatcher on the other side of the line will speak English, so it should not be a problem for you to explain your situation. The important thing is to try to stay clam.

Due to the large number of road accidents in the emirate, the police have issued an official request for drivers to move their vehicles from the road in case of minor car accidents. Both drivers involved should exchange details and go to the police station to resolve the matter. Not moving your vehicle from the road will normally result in a fine, which is not large.

You can readily take your car away, but it is best to call the police first and let them know of the accident. You can explain briefly what has happened and ask them what to do. It is best to take pictures of the position of all cars involved and of the damages on your vehicle before you move it. Taking as many photos as possible will help the police resolve the matter more easily. Moreover, you will be able to support your auto insurance claim with more evidence. When taking pictures, you should avoid having people on them. Photographing local women can get you into serious trouble.

You should be able to resolve the matter with the help of the road police quite easily. They re very helpful and amicable and usually speak good English. In general, most accidents, apart from the very serious ones, are resolved on the spot or in the nearest police station that you have gone to. The driver who is considered at fault will normally receive a pink copy of the police report while the other party or parties will get their reports on green sheets. Still, you should not rely on colors only, but get your report translated.

You are obliged to present a copy of the police report of the accident at the car repair workshop (as well as at your insurance company). If they fix your vehicle without one, they can get a serious fine and you can get into trouble with the authorities as well. That is why it is essential for you to call the police and get a report, even if you have been involved in a minor accident with a stationary object on the road.


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