Relocating to Dubai – Home Furnishing and Personal Effects

Relocating to another country is a complex task. You have to arrange all sorts of administrative aspects and find the right accommodation. Settling inn Dubai is relatively easy given that the procedure is quite simplified by the local authorities and by employers. You can find accommodation relatively easily as well. Furnishing your home should not be a difficult process either, but you have to take into account all your options, the costs you have to incur and the local practices in the shipping and shopping of home furniture.

Generally, you have two main options. You can either ship a large part of your home furnishing items or buy them on the spot in Dubai. If you choose the former option, you have to take into account the shipping costs, which are usually quite high. You have to check with an international shipment company to calculate the exact sum you will be charged with depending on where you will ship your belongings to Dubai.

Keep in mind that you will be charged per shipped kilogram. This means that if you decide to take large furniture pieces with you, this will certainly cost you a fortune. Still, your employer might provide you with a relocation allowance. You should consider this sum that can reduce the cost you incur to an extent. Another factor that you have to consider is time. It will take weeks for your items to arrive. In some cases, the period is as long as a month and a half.

Hence, you are highly recommended to ship only a small fraction of your belongings, especially if your plan to stay and work in Dubai for just a year or two. You should leave any disks with movies and music for shipment. This is applicable to books as well. They might be confiscated for the so called approval checks by the local authorities and you might never actually get them back. You are not allowed to ship any medications. Just carry the ones you need with you.

You are highly recommended to shop for furniture and home appliances in Dubai. You will find small local and large furniture stores of internationally renowned brands. The choice is plentiful and the prices are quite reasonable. You can readily use your relocation allowance to purchase the items you will need to furnish your new home in Dubai.

You can opt for pre-owned furniture and appliances as well. These are abundantly offered in the emirate primarily by expats who are going back to their home countries. You can get everything from living room sets to computers. The prices of the used items are quite low and they are usually of good quality given that they have been used for just a year or two.

It is up to you to decide how to arrange this aspect of your relocation to Dubai. The earlier you take care of things the better. Once you start work, you will have a lot of other things on your mind.


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