What Are the Best Jobs in Dubai? Valuable Information for Expats

You know that Dubai is one of the most flourishing and quickly expanding economies in the word. Despite the global financial crisis, it is still attractive with its low unemployment rate, non-taxable income, comfortable housing and plenty of leisure opportunities. But what are the best jobs in Dubai?

The jobs in the oil industry are some of the most attractive for a number of reasons. This sector of the economy is quite large as Dubai is one of the major producers and exporters of crude oil in the world. In turn, the jobs in the industry are many and different. This is applicable to the vacancies as well. The demand for workers in this industry is high and steady despite the economic downturn. Unprofessional labor is highly sought after which is great for expats with secondary education coming to Dubai. Oil engineers and other specialists are also in high demand. The salaries in the industry and especially the ones of professionals are high

The jobs in the tourist industry in Dubai are also considered to be among the best. The demand for skilled and unskilled labor remains high, even though many construction projects are put on hold and fewer tourists can afford a vacation in the city. The sector has plenty of job positions. The luxury hotels and resort complexes are looking for workers with different skills from maid and chefs to fitness trainers and babysitters. The demand for receptionists, accountants, managers and even lawyers is also high. The salaries are very good and so are the working conditions. There are plenty of rich tippers and this is another appeal of the tourist sector jobs.

The healthcare jobs in Dubai are often considered as the top of the tops. This is because the country does not have many specialists in this area. On the other hand, healthcare in Dubai aims to be of the highest quality. In addition, there are plenty of people who can afford to pay for the most expensive procedures. As a result, the demand for doctors, nurses, dentists and even pharmacists is quite high. It seems that nurses, in particular, are in short numbers. This creates a lot of vacancies and automatically raises salary levels.

In general, the salaries in healthcare are very large, especially compared to countries in which healthcare is exclusively provided by the state. The employment packages usually include accommodation and a range of other benefits. Such packages are not uncommon in other industries, but they are standard practice in healthcare.

The financial sector also has some of the best jobs in Dubai. The salaries are high, but as you can guess the work environment is usually demanding. Regrettably, this sector has suffered considerably due to the economic downturn much like the construction industry. Still, the future prospects for more vacancies and better paid jobs are now brighter.

You can readily find a great job in Dubai, even if you are not suitable for any of the best jobs described here. After all, you will certainly make the most out of your particular profession in a place of endless opportunities like the emirate.


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