Buying a Car in Dubai – How to Make the Right Choice

There are a number of things that an expatriate worker has to do once they arrive in Dubai. Arranging your visa and accommodation is a priority, but you have to organize your transportation to. You will need to travel to and back from work every day. You will surely have to do a lot of shopping too. It is true that the public transport in the emirate is significantly improved, but you are highly recommended to get a car.

Driving to work and around the city is much more convenient. The cars in Dubai are quite affordably priced. The gasoline is not expensive. Maintaining a car is not costly as well. Furthermore, getting a car loan from a local bank will not be a problem as long as you have a resident visa and an employment contract. The conditions of this type of credit are extremely favorable for the borrower. So, you need a car. All you have to do is pick one.

The ultimate choice is between a new and a pre-owned vehicle. This is up to you to decide depending on your budget. You should also take into account the fact that you will leave Dubai at one point and you will have to leave the vehicle behind and sell it, if possible. Therefore, you can readily consider getting a second hand car, especially if you are on a tight budget.

You can find new vehicles in Dubai directly from dealers. You can choose between the most renowned and popular brands, but you can get the vehicle you want from one place only. There is only one dealer for each manufacturer in Dubai – this is in line with the UAE regulations. Therefore, when you buy a new vehicle, you should consider carefully the maintenance of the car.

It is extremely easy to find a pre-owned car in Dubai as well. You can readily search the ads online before you arrive to the emirate. It is extremely easy to find dealers of second hand vehicles on the internet and after relocating to Dubai. You can also check out the popular local markets for this type of cars. Generally, the choice is plentiful.

All new cars sold in Dubai are made in line with the so called Middle East or Gulf specifications. Therefore, the only thing you have to check when getting a vehicle is its warranty. Still, you might want to confirm the specifications with the dealer. If you decide to get a pre-owned car, you have to be more careful when making a choice. You should check whether the vehicle has Gulf specification. In case it does not, you have to research all your options for upgrading. Generally, in order for a car to work well in Dubai it needs more specific air-conditioning and engine cooling system.

You are highly recommended to opt for an extremely durable car to drive in Dubai. It is best if it is in a light color, so that it can be slightly cooler. The same is applicable to any leather interiors – they should not be dark. You should also consider an automatic rather than a manual model given the traffic congestions in the city.


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