Buying a Car in Dubai – How to Make the Right Choice

There are a number of things that an expatriate worker has to do once they arrive in Dubai. Arranging your visa and accommodation is a priority, but you have to organize your transportation to. You will need to travel to and back from work every day. You will surely have to do a lot of shopping too. It is true that the public transport in the emirate is significantly improved, but you are highly recommended to get a car.

Driving to work and around the city is much more convenient. The cars in Dubai are quite affordably priced. The gasoline is not expensive. Maintaining a car is not costly as well. Furthermore, getting a car loan from a local bank will not be a problem as long as you have a resident visa and an employment contract. The conditions of this type of credit are extremely favorable for the borrower. So, you need a car. All you have to do is pick one. Continue Reading