Working as a Doctor in Dubai – The State Requirements

The demand for medical professionals in Dubai and the rest of UAE is quite high. As a doctor, you can find a job relatively easily in the emirate. The work conditions are usually quite good and you can earn around 75,000 EAD per month in the form of salary. However, you cannot practice your profession unless you meet certain requirements set by the local authorities. Find out whether you can meet them and how.

You need a government license in order to be able to practice your profession in Dubai. If you want to work in this emirate only and not anywhere else in UAE, you will need to obtain your document from the Dubai Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS). There are specific requirements for both general practitioners and specialists.

You must complete 50 hours of continued medical education per year (CME) in order to obtain and to keep your license. This means that once you are already on the job, you will still have to go through this training. The local authorities have taken care of this and doctors employed in both government and private healthcare institutions are entitled to 15 days of annual paid leave as well as an allowance of 800 Dhs to attend CME courses. Normally, participation in such programs is organized by employers, but if you have to arrange it on your own, you have to keep in mind that you have to attend a course in an educational institution approved for the purpose by Abu Dhabi’s General Authority for Health Services (GAHS).

Apart from having continued medical education courses each year, you will have to sit an examination in order to obtain a license for practicing your profession in Dubai. Before you are allowed to sit the exam, you must prove that you meet the minimum requirements for doctors in the emirate. All doctors must have an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree. Specialists must also have a master’s degree or an equivalent certification. A minimum of one year of internship in a teaching hospital or a minimum of two years of internship in a non-teaching one is required from license applicants. General practitioners need to prove that they have at least 2 years of clinical experience while specialists are required to have been working for at least 3 years after completing their internship.

The situation with dentists is similar to the one of general practitioners. They need a Bachelor Dentist degree, a one-year internship in a teaching hospital or a two-year internship in a non-teaching one as well as two years of clinical practice after the completion of their internship. These requirements must be met, so that dentists are allowed to sit the examination required for obtaining a license to practice in Dubai.

You have to discuss all these requirements with your potential employer first. They should help you with arranging the documentation, the required training and the sitting of the exam. All documents you need to provide have to be attested by the UAE embassy in your country of residence. In addition, you have to have their Arabic translation attested by the Dubai authorities.


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  1. hello i want to know more about the exams in dubai and how to apply for the same and how much a MBBS doctor will get salary after clearing the exams

  2. I would like to do my internship programme in Dubai.i have finished my MD physician form Kyrgystan,Osh state university.What are the requirements for that. please do reply

  3. Hello. I am doing my last year in medicine and I would like to know the requirements to apply for internship in any Dubai hospital if possible. I am a Mauritian and studying in Grodno State Medical University in Grodno, Belarus. Please comment or reply to me as admin as soon as possible.

  4. I am currently a final year student of mbbs , Can I join as a medical officer with only 1 year internship in a teaching hospital??

  5. hell,i want to know more about<how to get license?can i get license from banladesh?i am a m.b.b.s doctor from bangladesh.please let me know the full procedure to work as a doctor in dubai….thank you

  6. I M a Radiologist, Passed my MCPS (Radiology) in 2006 & working as Diterict Radiologist since 20-03-2007 todate. I want to work as Radiologist in Dubai. Kindly guide me for the licensing Exam in Dubai.

  7. Dear sir
    I just graduated from faculty of Dentistry Cairo University .
    I am looking to apply for my internship in dubai .I would like to know the requirements to apply for internship in Dubai hospital if possible for non uae doctors.
    Kindest Regards.

  8. i have cleared my M.B.B.S from wuhan university school of medicine,wuhan,hubei province,china on june 2011 with 1 year internship.Is there any opportunity for me to work in Dubai?

  9. hello,i am studying in last year in international school of medicine,bishkek,kyrgystan.i want to work in dubai as a physician.what are the requirement for that.pls do reply as soon as possible.

  10. i would like to do my housejob in dubai as i am done with my mbbs an year back please rply me soon

  11. hi,am doing my final year mbbs,i just want to do my internship in dubai.m doing my mbbs degree in mangalore,india..

  12. hello, I am in my final year of medicine in Russia. I will be graduating next year (July 2012) and looking forward for an internship in Dubai. Is it possible, and if it is, what are the requirements?

  13. I am Dr Badri with MBBS+5yrs orthopaedic experience looking 4 a job in dubai.can u pls guide me to write the licencing exam like exam dates,exam fees,exam centers in india,how to apply for exam.

  14. Hello! Am doing my last year in Medicine(Doctor of Medicine),I would like to know if someone can get working license after complition of one year internship( I mean if medical doctor can work in DUBAI/UAE after complition of internship)?

  15. hello,i m indian,doing my pg in general medicine in russia,n wanted to do paid internship n job paralally in uae,so wanted to know about uae exam and paid internship in dubai…wt r the requirements for that?please do reply as soon as possible….

  16. Hello, i want to do my internship from U.A.E. I have completed my MD Physician course from Ukraine. Where all can i apply for internship programs? As such i had applied to Rashid Hospital where i have no seats left….and right now iam located in Dubai.

  17. Hello.I am doing my final year of medicine at the university of pretoria in south africa and I am interested in doing my internship in any of the Dubai hospitals. I would like to know more about the exam (date,venue, registration fees and other requirements). Please reply

  18. Hello, I have finished my MD physician from Kursk, Russia. Right now i m doing internship in India to get my license here in India. I would like to know the requirements to work in emirates. Please reply as soon as possible.

  19. Hello. I just finished my specialization in Ophthalmology in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM),and I would like to know more about the exams, and how can I apply for working as an ophthalmologist in Dubai or in Qatar, or any other e-mail address or web sites? Thanks.

  20. I am Cavid Pashayev . I am form Azerbaijan . I am 27 . I am anaesthesiologist . I have graduated university 2007 years. I have 4 years practice. I dream to work in Dubai .

  21. Hello.iam doing my last year in Surgery(PG)and i would like to know how i can apply for work in Dubai. Iam an INDIAN citize fineshed my MBBS from St.petersburg state medical academy named after I.I. Mechnikov (RUSSIA).
    what kind of documents are required to apply. Thanku Plz do reply.

  22. i haf done my mbbs from pakistan.can i get my internship here?
    i heard only locals get it.

  23. Hello i came to Dubai for my honeymoon and i loved it there.i am a doctor with MBBS from Nigeria,but i am currently living in the UK.I would love to come and work in Dubai and if possible do my residency program there.Please can you give me all the details and contacts i need.Thanks

  24. hi i m kashif nadeem alam from india..i done my mbbs from china in this year and want to work in your contry… plz send me detail about doctors job and selary….

  25. i am an mbbs dr. From Pakistan and i want to work as an m.o in uae

  26. im an mbbs dr. From Pakistan i hav done one yr internship in a teaching hospital i want to work as an m.o in dubai plz tel me do i hav to clear some test or not are there seats or not

  27. I am general surgeon from spain, my wife is pediatric doctor.we are interested in working in dubai. Both of us have more tan four years experience.I would like to know how can i do it.thanks

  28. hello i want to know more about the exams in dubai and how to apply for the same and how much a MBBS doctor will get salary after clearing the exams and how to apply

  29. hi i want to apply as a general done with MBBS and one year internship.i want to know about exam prepration and the documents required and how much an MBBS dr will get the salary

  30. Hi, I will be completing my last year of my 6yr medicine degree next year, at the University at Witwatersrand South Africa, and most of my practical training completed at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. I am wondering what are the requirements to do internship in Dubai in order to work there? Will I have to do internship in my country first?

  31. Hi. I am a doctor from Azerbaijan.
    I have 8 years experience . Could I working in Dubai ?
    Tanks Sariya.

  32. thanks for this info,please i am a medical doctor from nigeria n willing to work in dubai,please what is required of me and concerning the exam could u explain more on it and aw to go about it.

  33. hello i have done my MBBS from pakistan and now i live in ajman, UAE on a resident visa (husband’s sponsorship). i want to start my housejob/internship in UAE. what would be the procedure for that? please kindly help

  34. helo i study in lugansk state medical university,ukraine.I am planning to give usmle step 1.But i have no idea of doing internship in dubai and taking the license examination.where can i find the info about all theses please mail me as soon as possible.

  35. Hello! I will complete my last year in june 2013 and will get Russian diploma from Altay State Medical University in Barnaul. I would like to do my internship programme in Dubai and work there as a doctor – therapist. I whant to know how to prove my diploma in UAE and want to know more about the exams in dubai and how to apply for it. Thank you in advance for your response. Anna

  36. Hello,im from malaysia. I just finished my medical degree from universitas abandalas,padang,indonesia. I would like to know the requirement to apply a internship in any subai hospital if possible. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thanks you .

  37. i m from india mbbs,ms in obs gynae and running my pvt nursing home since 6 years and my husband is dentist bds,mds in orthodontia practising privately since 6 years and also has experience of 6 years in dental college.can we practise in dubai,please guide us.

  38. SIR,

    +91-94181 96493

  39. Hi, I want to ask after finishing residency in Internal Medicine in USA, what is the requirement to start working in Emirate or Dubai.

  40. I am a medical mo with 2 years experience in orthopedic surgery.

    I had practiced for 4 years… And completed 2 years house,a ship / internship as per required from the Malaysian government

    I graduated from a twinning programmer India Malaysia.

    I would like to work and live in Dubai…. Pls guide me thru some further info…

  41. i graduated from medical school in nigeria. rounding up my internship in nigeria march. il love to do internship in uae hospital and progress my medical career/training there. what shld i do.

    dr Edet

  42. Hello.I am from Georgia, obstetrician-gynecologist.I have Bachelor and resident degree with licence. I had a practice in Turkey(in Hacettepe hospital) during one year. I have a grate desire to work as a doctor in your country, If it would be possible. And what kind of documents will be required

    Thanks in advance!

  43. hi.i am medical officer, who works more than 2 yrs..currently working in accident&emergency department..may i know how to apply position as a doctor at any of the hospital

  44. thanks….for info
    n plz give the details of application forms n other docs required to applyfor liscence

  45. Please I am graduating in 2014 from a university in Ukraine, I would like to know if it is possible to do residency or internship?

  46. Hello,i want to get a job in dubai for that i need inital information regarding documents i will be needing and prerequisite for sitting the exam of DOHMS and if ther is any registration required

  47. Respected sir,
    me Dr.Dilip kumar sah from nepal. and i passed MBBS from zhengzhou university from china on 2010. i m working now in shahid gangalal national heart center for more than one year. now decided to work your country hospital.

  48. what are the requirements for working as a medical officer in a medical intensive care unit,. I am srilankan MBBS graduate with 5 years experience of intensive care medical officer.

  49. dear sir
    i want to work in dubai,i am young docter intensivist in gurgaon,post mbbs 12yrs experiance

    dr rajneek

  50. hello i want to do my intership in uae.i am in last year of mbbs i like to know requirements to apply for intership

  51. i have completed my mbbs..want a job in dubai….tell me a procedure of getting a job in dubai and wat is the salary??????

  52. Hello. I am doing my last year in medicine and I would like to know the requirements to apply for internship in any Dubai hospital if possible.i am studing in luzhou medical college in china.Please comment or reply to me as admin as soon as possible.

  53. i want to knw abot job opertunities for FCPS doctor in dubai.
    how to apply? where to apply? nd wts the whole procedure? wt vl b the salary…?

  54. Hei,
    Iam a 51 years old danish doctor, graduated my MD december 1999, worked a few years in differen surgery wards and now working as a GP (but not not specialist yet). Iwould very much like all the informations about how to find a job in Dubai and how to apply. Would appreciate your help.

  55. I studied medicine and graduated from Ukraine.I would like to know about the requirements to work as doctor in Dubai.Is there any exams ? and what are the cost?I am currently in Malaysia.

  56. Dear sir/madame
    i am a MBBS graduate from faculty of medicine Sri Lanka with 2nd class upper devision honour pass for finals.l have just completed my internship in two leadinag tertiary care teaching hospitals in Colombo.lam interested to work in uncle also in it sector there.can you mention what is the exam i should face and requirements i should fulfil and the procedure i should go through.thank you.

  57. Hi, I have done MDS in Oral n Maxillofacial surgery with 12 years of experience and wish to move to Dubai. How much salary should I expect and what will be the general working hours in the hospitals ? Kindly help me to get this information? Thanx…….

  58. hi, im an american citizen.. i would like to know if there’s any way i can get a job in the uae with just an mbbs degree, no internship eperience or anything. or if i can get an internship in uae.. and if you could guide me towards the right way. i love this country and i would like to continue my profession here instead of the united states, if the people of this country would allow me… this information you’ve already provided is very helpful

  59. Hello, I had graduated from Kharkov State Medical University in Ukraine 3 years ago and made my specialisation in surgical oncology during 2 years. What are my possibilities to work in Dubai? What should I do now? Please give me some information. Thanks.

  60. Hi, I just completed my degree in medicine and surgery at the university of Zimbabwe. I would like to know the requirements to apply for internship in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

  61. good day. I have graduated from european country with MD degree. i would like to apply for an internship in Dubai. can you please tell me how to do it. i am a Malaysian citizen and want to work in dubai.

  62. hi m dr madeeha,i hv completed mbbs n 1 year house job training in teaching hospital i wana job in dubai will anybody let me know abt procedure how to get license in dubai+prep…
    thnxx alot

  63. Hi!
    The posts shared are really informative.Thanks to all who contributed.

    Even after going through a lot of websites & pages i don’t know how to register & go ahead with the MOH/DHA exam for dentist in Dubai.Kindly help me on this.


  64. I need to after my internship if before writing the licensing exam i can do job or not and if yes what job ?

  65. If I went to university in England, would I be able to do all my training here and then go to work in Dubai afterwards?

  66. Hello..i’ve done my md.physian from kurgyzsthan …and i would like know reqirements to apply for working in anydubai hospital

  67. Hello, I am a student of dentistry in the University of Pavol Josef Safarik in Kosice, Slovak Republic, and close to graduation. I would like to get the necessary information on what is needed to work as a dentist in any hospital in the UAE.

    Thank you in advance for your time.


  69. Hello, my wife is a neonatology , she is from cuba , what s the first step to do to work here in dubai once she arrives?
    you need the license before looking for a job or the employer will do this for you?
    thanks for this info
    hope to hear from you soon

  70. hello i am doing my m.d in anesthesia from a recognised college in india
    i’d like to know if i require experience in this feild or not to join a hospital in the uae
    also if i require experience what is the minimum..?
    can i join somewhere in less than the required experience..i mean will that be illegal or is there any way out as i need to support my family at the earliest..?
    thank you

  71. Hello…i really want to know how many hours a general practitioner should work per month in dubai (average)…thank u for your attention

  72. hi..i want to move to dubai for doing job as a doctor.
    i want to know what are the process for this position as i have only completed my mbbs.

  73. Hi iam a pediatrician (md pediatric) wants to apply in dubai for residency .plz help me out

  74. Hi
    Iam zahara salmani and graduated in physician from Iran.I have experianced nearly two years in a number of Iranian hospitals.Please comment or reply to me as admin as soon as possible.

  75. i have passed mbbs and two years in orthopedics from moscow russia,and working from last 10 years as a gp in iran

  76. I want to know that if I want to become mbbs what will be my salary in dubai which exam should I have to give

  77. I have MBBS (1998-1999), Working in teaching hospital for 9 years, recieved Arab Board in gy and obst in 2009, Maste degree in IVF from Nottingham University in 2011, and phd from nottingham university in 2015.

    I would like to ask i need also to do exams in dubi and also i would like to ask regarding the chance to work in dubi as a clinician in gy and ob as well as alecturer in the same field.


  78. hello,i want to know which exams to be written in dubai to work as MBBS DOCTOR and what are the criteria and requirement to be fullfiled as an indian doctor,please reply and do the needfull to me

  79. hello i want to know more about the exams in dubai and how to apply for the same and how much a MBBS doctor will get salary after clearing the exams ..i am doing mbbs ..when i graduate i apply for job in dubai plz tell me about everything ???

  80. hello i want to know more about the exams in dubai and how to apply for the same and how much a MBBS doctor will get salary after clearing the exams

  81. I would like to do my internship programme in Dubai.i have finished my FCPS form Pakistan King Edward medical university.What are the requirements for that. please do reply

  82. Hello I want to know more about exam for mbbs doctor and what salary and benefits they get after passing exam.thanks

  83. This web site really has all the information I wanted about Working as a Doctor in Dubai and didn’t know who to ask.

  84. Hello…my wife is finishing her internship in Sri Lanka, and I’ve read she will need 2 yers of Clinical Experience before she can sit for the exam. Is it possible for her to get clinical experience in Dubai? If yes, can you please advise the process, cost etc.?

  85. Your style is so unique in comparison to other people I’ve read stuff from. I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this web site.

  86. Spot on with this write-up about medical career in Dubai, I seriously feel this site needs a great deal more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read more, thanks for the information!

  87. Hi I’m Sara …..I finished my MBBS from Australia….
    I want to know if there r any chances of me getting a job in uae..

  88. Hi i finished my bds ug and currently doing my pg in orthodontics in India.
    After finishing my pg (within 2 more months)
    I would like to come to UAE and work over there.
    How is the procedure and whould i require further 2 year experiance in India even after my pg?

  89. i am last year mbbs student.i would like to do my internship in duabai..what are the procedures..?

  90. Sir,
    I am Dr. Mishal Rahman, I did My MBBS in Russia, passed FMGE in India, finished one year Internship
    with a Government- run General Hospital in Kerala.
    Now i am working as a Physician with a Government Health Department for one year, in Kerala
    What are the more requirements needed to work as a doctor in the UAE
    I appreciate your earliest reply sir,
    Thanking you very much
    faithfully yours
    Mishal Rahman

  91. Good morning , I’m doing my first year of specialty in dermatology in Ukraine, Ternopil national medical University and I’d like to know the requirements for applying as dermatologist in Dubai.

  92. Salamwalaykum my name is Shaik imran ul islam and i will complete my mbbs from russia and how can j get a job there after completion kf my degree please guide me sir

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