17 May 2023

Social Media Expert Vacancy in Dubai

Digital Marketing Specialist Duties and Responsibilities:

Digital Marketing Specialists should compare your company\'s advertising techniques and offerings with those of competing businesses. They should help maintain a profitable message for your company and help with research to ensure your offerings come close to ideal price points to offer value to potential clients but still let you enjoy a thriving business. They should keep an eye on data that shows changing trends in advertising consumption and ensure that potential clients and consumers view your company\'s ad projects and buy your products. Duties will often include the following:

Research advertising trends

Research competitors pricing and products.

Decide on appropriate placement of ads

Determine what content will reach customers.

Develop projects to create content

Publish digital marketing content online

Implement email marketing campaigns

Measure digital traffic

Monitor social media and Google Analytics.

Optimize paid advertising campaigns using SEO and other tools.

Report on the growth and analytics of campaigns to stakeholders.

Scale campaigns to maximize ROI

Monitor project status and budget

Conduct market research to inform campaigns.

Brainstorm and implement experiments and conversion tests.


Salary: 5 000 Dhs

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