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Safety recommendations: Avoid "for sale adverts" that show only Email in the contact information. Do Not ever send money online, via credit cards, pay pal or other web money systems when buying something via Dubai Bulletin Board. Try to deal only with local sellers that provide their Dubai or Sharjah phone number. Organize a meeting in a safe place in Dubai, like a popular shopping mall or restaurant where you can carefully check the item you want to buy, and only after you like it finish the deal. Never send your credit card information to anyone. There are many scams that may look real, please be cautious especially for deals that seem too good to be true.

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An Overview of the Top Sports Activities to Enjoy in Dubai

In order to have the most fulfilling time in Dubai, you should not focus on your work solely. There are plenty of leisure activities that the emirate has to offer. You can go shopping and enjoy your time in the stores or around the stalls in the souks. You can go sunbathing on the beach, explore the local art galleries or have a pleasant evening in one of the lavish lounges. You can readily enjoy plenty of sports activities in Dubai as well. Here are some of the most popular ones among expats and locals alike.