Frequently Asked Questions

Contact details are missing! If the advert is not expired but you can not see contact details, try using another browser and make sure that javascript is on. What is the EXPIRED text instead of contact details? This means that the advert is already expired. The advert is expired when it's either deactivated by the poster or is older than 30 days I click on email and a blank page opens. What should I do. This means that you don't have an email client configured to open mailto urls. Here is how to allow Gmail to open email links. How long is my advert active on Dubai-BB? All adverts expire after 30 days. Some adverts may be deactivated earlier by the poster, if a job is already filled for example. How do I remove my advert? Your advert will expire automatically after 30 days, but if you need to remove it earlier please use the report button above your advert and provide relevant details. I sent my CV but did not get any response. Should I report wrong contact details? No. If you did not get any response it simply means that you are not shortlisted. Only very few applicants get an email response. You should instead concentrate on improving your Cover Letter and CV. Especially pay attention to English grammar and relevancy to the job you apply. My email could not be delivered. Should I report wrong contact details? If you got a reply from Mail Delivery System stating that your email could not be delivered and the message says that the recipient email does not exist. Then yes please report wrong contact details. But if the message says that the mailbox is full, then it means the email address is correct and the mailbox could be soon freed. It is very common for job emails to fill very fast with large CVs. Should I send money to employer for VISA or other documents? NO! Never send money to employer. If employer asks for money for any reason whatsoever, it's a scammer, it will take your money and disappear. Please report such adverts and we will remove them and ban the authors from posting again. Is it safe to send money to a seller via Western Union or other online methods? No. We don't recommend sending money online. It's best to meet in person and personally see the product you want to buy. Especially don't do it when the deal is too good to be true.