Safety in Dubai – General Information and Advice for Expats

The crime rate in Dubai is very low. In fact, it is one of the lowest in the world. The emirate is generally quite safe, but this does not mean that you should neglect the general safety rules. Just like in any place in the world, you have to protect your property, your money and yourself. Here are some practical tips that will help you with this.

Home burglaries are not common in Dubai. However, it seems that with the increase of the number of people from all over the world, the situation has changed slightly. There are indications of the existence of organized gangs robbing the homes of expats during the popular vacation time for foreign workers – July and August. Cases are rare, but they exist.

Your best bet is to secure your home with safe door and window locks. Installing a burglar alarm is also an effective approach. You should definitely consider getting home insurance as well. Keep in mind that you have to organize these matters with the knowledge and approval of your landlord, if you are renting a home. You can always ask a friend to check on your house when you are not in Dubai. This is a simple method to protect your possessions.

Dubai offers considerable personal safety to its residents. You are highly unlikely to get in a fight or be hurt physically by criminals. Still, you have to keep in mind that the laws concerning inappropriate public behavior are harsher in the emirate than in most countries. This means that if you get involved in a fight or show disrespect for the social norms and customs, you might be charged with a crime. Just like in any country, people and women and children, in particular, can become victims of harassment at home, at work or at school. There are special hotlines, which you can call, in such cases if you need help.

Petty crimes are less common in Dubai than in most other countries. However, you should be vigilant for pickpockets especially in the busy areas of the city. Just keep your wallet and mobile phone in a safe place. Be vigilant when using ATMs. Hide your PIN number and put your money in your wallet or pocket immediately after it is available.

You have to ensure your safety as a driver and as a pedestrian. Dubai is known for having a high road accident rate, so you should be extremely careful and keep all safety rules when driving. Be polite to other drivers and arm yourself with patience when on the road. As a pedestrian, you should walk on designated areas only. Avoid crossing the road at places where there is no special pedestrian marking or a traffic light.

There are reports of different financial scams in Dubai, but they are not many. You should be particularly careful when accepting checks. You are highly recommended not to accept this form of payment from people you do not know. Regrettably, there are more serious financial scams with people promising you to give you a large sum of money in exchange for a smaller one. Be suspicious of any deals that seem too easy and too good to be true.


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