Working and Living in Dubai – The Most Important Things You Should Know

The number of job vacancies for expatriates in the Emirates is not as large as it used to be, but there are plenty of employment opportunities for those who are prepared to seize them. But before you start dreaming about working and living in Dubai, you have to look at all the technical aspects of moving to a foreign country. There are specific regulations that you have to abide by. Just like in any other country there are specific local employment and living customs that you should be aware of as well.  More importantly, you have to make sure that you have arranged everything before leaving home.

Once you are offered a job position in Dubai you have to check a number of things. Firstly, you have to make sure that your salary will allow you to cover all your living expenses including rent, gasoline and utility bills. Also, if you plan to live together with your family in the emirate you have to make sure that you can support them as well. You have to take into consideration the fact that there is a legal requirement for expat workers to earn more than Dhs 4,000 ($1,096) per month so that they can be approved for a family sponsorship visa.

You are highly recommended not to accept an employment in Dubai in the hope of finding a better one once you move to the emirate. All expat workers are allowed to have one employment only. If you do not comply with this regulation you will be fined by the authorities and might have problems with your main job. Also, once you receive your visa you have to transfer it to the company you are working for. In this way your employer guarantees for you in a way. So, it might be more difficult for you to change jobs soon after you have arrived in the country. It is possible to transfer your visa from one company to another during your stay in Dubai as long as your previous employer provides a no-objection letter.

There is one specific about Dubai that is applicable to the rest of the emirates of UAE as well. You can readily obtain a work visa, but you are perceived by the authorities as a temporary worker. You can live there for years, but you are highly unlikely to get a citizenship. This is rarely granted to foreign nationals. For most people this is not a problem, but you should definitely assess the advantages and disadvantages of the situation.

Once you have arranged all your legal papers for living and working in Dubai you can readily start looking for accommodation. The market for rentals has had some lows over the past year, but it is now recovering. There are all sorts of properties for rent from small apartments to family houses. You can even find ads for shared accommodation in Dubai. It is best for you to look for a place in a residential complex. You have to think of commuting to and from work too. It is best to buy a car since the distance you have to travel might not be small.


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