Selling Your Car in Dubai – Practical Tips for Expats

It is perfectly normal for expatriate workers arriving in Dubai to get a pre-owned car. This option is much cheaper and the choice of such vehicles is extremely abundant. As an expat, you will have to sell your Dubai car sooner or later. You would not want to leave it behind when you depart for your home country. You might have to change your vehicle with a better one and to get rid of the old one. For all these reasons, you should have an idea what to do in order to sell your used car in Dubai. You will certainly find the following advice useful, even if you do not plan to make a sale straight away. Continue Reading

Home Mortgages in Dubai – What You Need to Know when Buying Property

Most expatriates in Dubai live in rented accommodation. This is perfectly normal, if you plan to work in the emirate for a couple of years and then leave. Still, those who plan to stay for longer should definitely consider buying a property. The investment can keep paying off even after you leave. In addition, given the slump in the Dubai real estate market from a year back, you can readily find an affordably priced property. Getting a home mortgage will also not be a problem, as long as you know what to expect as a borrower. Continue Reading

Starting Your Own Business in Dubai – How Things Work

Most expats are attracted by the relatively high non-taxable salaries in Dubai. However, the advantages of having your own business are also many, especially in a country, in which the economy is developing rapidly. Starting a business in Dubai is not easy, but this is applicable to any place in the world. Still, you should definitely find out more about this option, especially if you have been considering it.

As an expatriate, in order to become self-employed in Dubai or open a business, you must have a UAE sponsor. The sponsor can be a company or an individual. This is required by law. In some cases, the sponsor is called a business partner, but this is not a correct term. This is because this  individual or entity is in no way obliged to invest in your business. In fact, they might not participate financially at all. Despite this, the sponsor must be remunerated in a way. Their remuneration might be a share of the profits or a flat fee paid annually or a combination of both. Continue Reading

An Overview of the Top High Salary Jobs in Dubai

When looking for employment, one of the most important things you will be interested in is how much you will get paid. Since most expats decide to work in Dubai for the sake of having a higher income, this factor automatically becomes number one, when searching for a job. It is definitely a good idea to look at the best paid jobs in Dubai.

The professionals, such as lawyers and engineers, can rely on a very high salary in Dubai. The remuneration corresponds to the level of qualification and experience as well as to the position you are taking. Depending on these factors, a professional can expect to receive anywhere between 5,000 and 40,000 AED per month. Continue Reading

What to Do in Case You Are Involved in a Car Accident in Dubai

Regrettably, Dubai is not the safest place to drive in the world. In fact, the emirate is quite high up in the charts for road accidents with approximately 2000 happening every year. Hopefully, provided that you drive safely and carefully keeping all road traffic regulations, you will never get into an accident. However, it is worth knowing what to do in such a situation, since panic and confusion are quite common among drivers and passengers alike.

In case you get involved in a card accident in Dubai, you have to contact the police immediately. The emergency number is 999. You can use this number of 998 to call an ambulance. 997 is the telephone of the fire and civil defense. The dispatcher on the other side of the line will speak English, so it should not be a problem for you to explain your situation. The important thing is to try to stay clam. Continue Reading

Maternity Leave for Expatriate Employees in Dubai – How Things Work

The number of expatriate women working in Dubai is increasing due to the development of the tourist industry, in which female workers can find more employment opportunities. As a female employee, you should be aware of your rights regarding maternity leave. The labor law in UAE covers all important aspects regarding this period in your life. It is important to know what your rights are in case any disputes with your employer arise.

All employed women in Dubai are entitled to a maternity leave of 45 days. This period has been extended to 3 months in a separate clause in the acting civil service law, but this amendment is applicable to UAE nationals only. Hence, expatriate employees cannot benefit from it. You will be able to stay at home for 45 days on full pay, if you have been working for at least one year. Otherwise, you will still be able not to work for the same time, but you will receive only half of your remuneration due for this period. Continue Reading

Signing an Employment Contract with a Dubai Employer – Valuable Advice for Expat Job Seekers

It is perfectly natural for expatriates to look for a job in Dubai. The emirate’s economy was not very badly hit by the global financial crisis and it is now on the road to recovery. The salaries are still relatively high, especially compared to remuneration in other countries. In addition, you do not pay an income tax. Despite all these benefits, you should not hurry to sign an employment contract, even if you have found the job of your dreams in Dubai. There are some important matters to look into before doing this. Continue Reading

Driving in Dubai – Car Parking

You might have heard shocking stories about traffic and congestion in Dubai. The situation is supposed to improve with the introduction of the Dubai metro, but for the time being, it has not changed much. The good news is that you will not have any trouble with car parking. It is well organized and abundantly available.

You will not have difficulty finding road side spots to park or paid car parks. The cost per hour is 1 Dhs in less crowded areas and 2 Dhs in places with more vehicles and busier traffic. Usually, the paid hours are from 1 to 4 in the afternoon, but it has become increasingly common for them to be extended to 9 pm. Paid parking applies on Fridays and public holidays as well. Continue Reading

An Overview of the Mobile Telephone Services in Dubai

One of the first things you have to do upon arriving in Dubai is to get a local SIM card and mobile phone number. This will aid you immensely during the settling process and, of course, later on. It will be much easier for you to use a local phone number as well as much cheaper. If you need your original number, you can readily get a new mobile phone along with a SIM card.

You can choose between two mobile phone operators in Dubai – Etisalat and Du. This might not seem to be a great selection of options, but both service providers have a wide range of packages to suit any requirements and preferences. Both telecommunication companies offer all standard mobile services making and receiving phone calls, texting and receiving text messages, mobile internet browsing and so on. They have all standard services for iPhone and Blackberry as well. Still, some Blackberry services will not be available from October 2010 due to stricter government regulations. Continue Reading

Practical Tips on Buying a Computer in Dubai

Settling in Dubai or in any other foreign country for that matter is usually a long process. Buying a computer is definitely a top priority, if you are not bringing one with you. You will certainly need it for work. Moreover, you will have a fast, easy and cheap way to communicate with your friends and family back home. Here is some helpful advice on how to buy a computer in Dubai.

As a start, you have to decide on the type of pc you will need. The laptops and notebooks are always the best choices for those who need a computer for work. You can get a standard pc, if you plan to use it primarily at home for entertainment and connecting to friends. You can find computers from all brands and of all models in Dubai. Continue Reading