16 May 2024

Airport Baggage Officer Vacancy in Dubai

Job Description:

Manage the handling, tracking, and processing of baggage and cargo at the airport to ensure timely and accurate delivery to passengers and destinations.

Oversee the operation of baggage handling systems, including conveyor belts, baggage carousels, and sorting facilities, to facilitate the movement of baggage within the airport.

Supervise baggage handling staff, including baggage handlers, loaders, and Ramp agents, to ensure compliance with safety regulations, security procedures, and service standards.

Monitor and coordinate the loading and unloading of baggage onto aircraft, ensuring proper weight distribution, loading sequence, and documentation.

Handle inquiries, complaints, and lost baggage claims from passengers, providing assistance and resolution as needed.

Conduct inspections and audits of baggage handling areas, equipment, and processes to identify and address safety hazards, operational issues, and compliance gaps.

Collaborate with Airlines, ground handling companies, and other airport stakeholders to coordinate baggage operations and resolve operational issues.

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Salary: 3 500 Dhs

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