02 April 2024

Test Assistant Engineer Vacancy in Dubai

Test Assistant Engineer

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Job Description:

Assist test engineers to formulate test plans and plans.

Urge test drivers to perform tests according to routes.

Perform test scenarios and functional tests as required, complete test records, identify problems, and conduct preliminary troubleshooting and analysis.

Maintain test equipment, data collection, sorting, and feedback.

Test vehicle software flashing, hardware replacement, and maintenance.

Carry out subjective and objective performance evaluation.


Have local driving qualifications and no less than 2 years of actual driving experience and have more than 2 years of experience as a road test engineer.

Be able to supervise drivers to complete tests on time and with quality in accordance with test specifications, accurately record test progress and process conditions, and provide feedback.

Be able to guide driving operators conduct full-scenario functional tests and record work content and problems according to the recording template.

Proficient in using computers, able to flash vehicle software, configure data collection equipment, etc.

Can accurately identify test problems, and effectively record and record the data needed to troubleshoot problems. Processing and analysis.

Able to carry out vehicle performance evaluation and periodic vehicle evaluation.

No bad habits and no health problems that affect test safety.

Can adapt to overtime work.

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