11 September 2023

Security Gaurd Vacancy in Dubai

Security Officer Job Description Template.

We are looking for a dedicated security officer to ensure the safety and security of our premises, assets, staff, and visitors. The security officers responsibilities include patrolling the premises, setting up security controls, monitoring property access, investigating suspicious behavior, and enforcing company policies.

To be successful as a security officer you should be highly observant and able to objectively assess the severity of a situation. An outstanding security officer should be able to remain calm and decisive in any situation.

Security Officer Responsibilities:

Installing security systems and controls.

Inspecting and patrolling premises regularly.

Monitoring surveillance cameras and reporting suspicious behavior.

Communicating with law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical personnel.

Monitoring public access and ensuring the security of all personnel and visitors.

Responding to alarms and analyzing security footage.

Investigating suspicious behavior, incidents, and security breaches.

Apprehending trespassers and perpetrators.

Maintaining an activity log and preparing surveillance reports.

Adhering to company policies and legal regulations.

Security Officer Requirements:

High school diploma/GED.

Registered as a security officer.

Outstanding surveillance and observation skills.

Excellent communication skills.

Ability to exercise good judgment.

Strong reporting skills.

Working knowledge of public safety, security operations, and procedures.

Knowledge of state laws and regulations.

Trained in First Aid and self-defense

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Salary: 5 000 Dhs


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