28 August 2023

School Bus Attendant Vacancy in Dubai


Assist students as they board and exit the school bus.

Ensure students are seated safely and securely.

Maintain discipline and order on the bus.

Communicate and collaborate with the bus driver.

Monitor students for any special needs or assistance.

Keep track of attendance and student rosters.

Help students with seatbelts and belongings.

Follow safety protocols and emergency procedures.

Report incidents or issues to school authorities.


Patience and good communication skills.

Ability to manage student behavior.

Alertness and attention to student needs.

Physical fitness for assisting students.

Positive and friendly demeanor.

Teamwork and collaboration abilities.

Previous experience working with children is a plus.

High school diploma or equivalent.

Professional behavior and conduct.

Willingness to undergo required training.


Salary: 4 000 Dhs


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