16 August 2023

Bus Attendant Vacancy in Dubai

Ensures the safety of each student. Assists the driver with morning inspection of the buses. Provides support and instruction to the students to ensure their understanding and compliance with bus safety rules. Assists the driver in maintaining cleanliness of the bus.

Greet students as they board the bus and assist them in finding their assigned seats.

Assist students with their bags and lunchboxes by ensuring that they are docked in designated places on the bus.

Provide assistance to students in fastening their seatbelts while ensuring that they are properly strapped in throughout the journey.

Take and maintain attendance and ensure that it is properly filed as per the rules of the school district.

Provide extra care and help to students with special needs by ensuring that they are comfortable and happy.

Oversee student behavior within the bus and intervene during untoward incidents such as bullying.

Instruct students about rules and regulations and ensure that each one of them follows them.

Assist the bus driver in mapping out efficient routes to and from the school and ensure that the mapped-out route is properly followed.

Observe and track route timings for the purpose of providing accurate schedules.

Take prompt action during times of distress such as accidents or emergencies, focusing on students safety primarily.

Prepare reports such as attendance, schedules, and student misconduct and ensure that it is handed over to authorized personnel at the end of the day.

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Salary: 2 500 Dhs


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