02 June 2023

Food And Beverage Supervisor Vacancy in Dubai

Food and beverage supervisor wanted

Responsible for all of the business operations of a dining establishment. Duties typically include interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling and managing employees, as well as overseeing inventory, including food and beverages, supplies and other restaurant equipment.



Oversee the service of all food and beverages within the hotel in absence of the F and B Manager.

Work Duty Manager shifts as and when required.

Apply attention to detail to the way in which food and drinks are presented ensuring the customer receives a quality product every time.

Be passionate about food, beverage and customer service, seeking to ensure that the highest standards are met at all times.

Complete minor food preparation tasks as necessary to assist with food service.

Be in attendance at core meal times ensuring that all customers receive the best possible service as well as providing an initial point of contact should there be any questions or complaints.

Actioning customer compliments by praising staff and resolve complaints satisfactorily, referring to your line manager where necessary.

Use email/ whatsapp

Only those in uae



Salary: 7 000 Dhs

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