02 June 2023

Data Entry Operator Vacancy in Dubai

Responsible for supporting clients (SABIS Academic Development Departments and schools) on newly assigned or existing projects by entering data for the questions data bank and other academic products.

Key Responsibilities

Entering updates and verifying data in various software systems for use by all personnel.

Reviewing and verifying data entered into the database to ensure accuracy.

Generating and distributing reports.

Protecting organizations value by keeping information confidential.

Working according to the specifications and guidelines when using the software provided by SABIS and MS Office applications.

Processing and entering student registration and updating student data including parent bio, health records, emergency contact, bus details, lunch details, course enrollment, etc.

Entering and processing student attendance, tardiness, and discipline data.

Processing, entering, and updating staff data including bio, attendance, tardiness, and discipline records.

Entering exams and grades manually and distributing relevant reports.

Processing SABIS Student Life Organization (SLO) data including remarks, weekly scores, SLO points, etc.

Process classroom, exam halls, and ITL seating plans.



Salary: 3 500 Dhs


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