30 May 2023

Room Attendant Vacancy in Dubai

T is part of your role to understand and comply with all corporate and hotel policies and standard operating procedures.

MOHG Code of Conduct requires that all business activities and business decisions comply with the general law, with all rules, regulations, and other requirements.

It is part of your role and your responsibility to fully support all learning and development activities.

You shall take all reasonable steps to safeguard stored information, and not divulge or otherwise transfer any personal data concerning the guests, customers or colleagues, or any confidential information concerning the hotel unless with the appropriate authority.

Use of the hotels network, computers or internet access which is in the hotels view unreasonable or inappropriate, for example gambling, chatroom, or pornographic material, is a serious breach of hotel policy and grounds for summary dismissal.

Support and adhere to all policies and procedures relating to Safe, Sound and Sustainable at Mandarin Oriental.

Ensure compliance with the MOHG Social Media Policy, i.e. To be fully responsible for the content you publish on any social media platform, including your personal site.

Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Dubai has zero tolerance on all forms of harassment or discrimination, i.e. It is strictly forbidden to discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, including physical or medical condition, race, colour, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, sexual orientation, marital status, or for any other reason.

To carry out any additional duties requested by management, related to hotel operational activities.

Ensure occupied and vacant guestrooms are cleaned and maintained up to the exact standard as demonstrated by Housekeeping supervisory colleagues during initial training.

Remove all soiled linens and Towels from room and handover to housemen or dispose in linen chute.

Thoroughly clean guest bathrooms, bathroom walls, bathtub, shower, water closet using the suggested chemicals. After cleaning, dry all areas, fixtures and surfaces.

Arrange all toiletries straightened on a piece of cloth in occupied guestrooms.

Replenish all amenities and Terry items

Efficiently make bed to meet appearance standard as demonstrated.



Salary: 3 000 Dhs


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