29 May 2023

Female Sports Massage Therapist Available For Home Visits

We at Barre None are a group of 1,000 Professionally Certified Male & Female Personal Trainers from around the world with special skill sets aimed in General Fitness, BodyBuilding, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Swimming, Yoga, Self-Defense, Injury Rehabilitation, Pre-Post Natal Fitness & Pilates. 

Our Group of Fitness Professionals consists of Physiotherapist, Nutritionists & Registered Dieticians that specialize in crafting a quantified Nutrition Program that covers Weight Management, Hypertension, Thyroid, PCOD, Obesity, Anemia, Diabetes, Gout (Uric Acid), Pregnancy & PostNatal Nutrition & Detoxification.

Sports massage is great for clients who have recurrent pressure injuries from physical activity or just repetitive activity.
Apart from this, we offer premium quality Sports Supplementation in Bulk @ affordable rates.

Our services include 1:1 Personal Training, 2:1 and group sessions that can be done in person or virtual (At Home, Outdoors or a club of your choice.) Besides this, our services include Corporate sessions at comprehensive rates that cover a Complimentary Body Composition Analysis and Nutritional advice. 

- General Fitness
- Injury Rehabilitation
- Mat Based Prenatal-PostNatal Pilates
- Body Shaping
- Lean Gains
- Fat Loss

Our Panel of Registered Dietician Specializes in

- Weight Management
- Hypertension
- Thyroid
- Obesity
- Anaemia
- Diabetes
- Gout(Uric Acid)
- Pregnancy
- Post Natal
- Detoxification

Our Panel of Physiotherapist Specializes in

- Chronic Injuries
- Rehabilitation

Dhs. 145 Per Session. Get in touch with us and grab this offer while it lasts.



Price: 145 Dhs


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