18 May 2023

Logistics Public Relations Officer Vacancy

Being responsible to administer the following towards employees and dependents liaising with local UAE Government ministries.

Obtaining new employment visas/work permits for all expatriate employees.

Monitoring and renewing employee residence permits.

Obtaining new residence visas for dependents of employees.

Facilitating renewal of residence visas for dependents.

Facilitating the renewal of expatriates passports for employees and dependents.

Facilitating and following-up cancellation of visas for employees and dependents.

Facilitating complex medical.

Dealing with embassies/foreign diplomatic missions to enable business visits.

Dealing with UAE immigration dept. In obtaining business entry visas for global business visitors.

Administering company and joint venture companies licenses and tax remittances with various UAE Government authorities, Economic Department, Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Finance and Industries, etc.

Providing expert advice to businesses and employees on all visa formalities and all other Government related procedures.

Being accountable for maintaining accurate records for all the above services.

Being aware of the ever-changing government rules and regulations requires the post-holder to be abreast of updates on information/documents and at times certain jobs must be tacked efficiently without much notice.

Creating E-files for all employee and their family in the Oracle system.

Collaborating and communicating with the Human Resources team.

Creating and arranging employee files hard copies creating English letters.



Salary: 4 000 Dhs

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