18 May 2023

Production Forman Vacancy in Dubai

Foreman Duties and Responsibilities:

A Foreman is a top supervisory role for locations such as construction sites. With their industry experience and formal training, people in this role are able to direct, supervise and troubleshoot routine issues that occur on the job site. In addition to ensuring that safety rules are followed on the site at all times and developing work schedules based on employee and contractor availability, they are also responsible for:

Coordinating daily tasks according to priorities and plans, making changes when necessary due to weather, supply, delivery and personnel.

Delegating individual responsibilities and projects to crew members and contractors.

Recruiting, hiring, training, managing and mentoring employees and contractors.

Providing adequate resources and staffing to meet project schedules, laws, regulations, best practices and safety needs.

Emphasizing safe use of tools, machinery and equipment while providing training on safety gear, helmets and procedures.

Developing and managing project budgets and quality standards for all sites.

Resolving conflicts or miscommunications quickly and amicably.

Regularly reporting project status to supervisors, site engineers and other officials.


Salary: 5 000 Dhs

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