16 May 2023

Housekeeping Supervisor Vacancy in Dubai

Duties Of A Housekeeping Supervisor:

The duties of a housekeeping supervisor include developing strategies to improve an assigned space and overseeing the housekeeping staff productivity. Here are some of the main duties of a housekeeping supervisor:

1. Assign housekeeping tasks

A housekeeping supervisor takes on various roles to effectively manage the entire housekeeping department. They assign cleaning and maintenance tasks and ensure that the team efficiently completes any delegated duties. As a housekeeping supervisor, you could also provide team members with specific instructions or suggestions to accommodate customer requests.

2. Create staffing schedules

Another responsibility of a housekeeping supervisor is to create daily schedules for the staff. Completing a schedule and assigning tasks in advance enables effective communication and efficient operation by clearly coordinating the departments work activities. An effective scheduling process allows you to enforce rules and regulations about breaks, lunches and attendance.

3. Provide orientation and training

Orientations and training introduce the employees of an organisation to the organisations policies and standard regulations and specific procedures. This may include cleaning and maintenance methods, organisational layout and guidelines for using supplies and equipment. As a housekeeping supervisor, you can provide your team with adequate training to ensure that the departments maintenance processes comply with the establishments standards.

4. Offer high-quality customer service

A housekeeping supervisor guarantees a high standard of customer service for an organisation to maintain customers credibility by providing a consistent and satisfactory experience. You can address customer complaints, conduct employee investigations and take corrective actions. As a housekeeping supervisor, you are responsible for communicating customer feedback to staff members and suggesting improvements.

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5. Manage the inventory and order supplies.

The housekeeping supervisor is responsible for checking inventory and supply routinely to maintain adequate stock levels. An essential part of this role is ordering supplies when inventory levels are low and arranging the maintenance and repair of equipment. It is crucial that staff members have easy access to any necessary supplies and equipment to complete their tasks.

6. Issue supplies and equipment to staff

A housekeeping supervisor provides every team member with the supplies and equipment they require. You are also responsible for keeping track of what every staff member uses to help locate missing items. If a team member works with a piece of hazardous equipment or a dangerous supply item, you can ensure that they follow the necessary safety precautions.


Salary: 4 000 Dhs


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