12 May 2023

General Cleaner Vacancy in Dubai

Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors of various types.

Dusting ceilings, light fittings, counter tops, and loose furniture.

Scrubbing and sanitizing toilets, sinks, and kitchen fixtures.

Emptying trash cans.

Washing and drying windows.

Liaising with the line manager to ensure that you have sufficient cleaning products at all times.

Reporting any breakages that occur during the cleaning process.

Informing the line manager of repairs that need to be done.

Attend and participate the open or pre shift meeting with kitchen manager.

To achieve the highest standard of sanitation and cleanliness in all floor areas.

Ensure all floor areas are clean and well maintained all the time before, during and after operation.

Report any problem or damage to the direct manager on spot.

Ensure store ground, stairs and store door and windows are well maintained and cleaned all the time.

Adhere regular clean schedule to store toilet and ensure it always clean and ready to use and full of stuff that met BWR standard.

Ensure store iterance always clean

Adhere high level of cleanliness on all store tables, chairs, TVs, and fine holders.



Salary: 2 000 Dhs

goto: Housemaids required