08 May 2023

Teaching Assistant Vacancy in Dubai

Assist teachers in their work as directed. Teaching assistants will be asked to assist with a range of tasks on a regular basis.

Have the authority to supervise small groups of children or whole classes of children in an emergency situation, or when specifically requested to do so by the Principal or Senior Management Team. Teaching assistants are fully insured to supervise groups of children inside and outside the classrooms.

Embrace and encourage the ethos and standards of excellence as defined in the GEMS Core Values.

Key Accountabilities

Assist the teacher with reading related activities.

Run small group activities inside or outside the classroom as directed by the teacher.

Prepare and tidy up classroom activities. Mount work displays and assist with preparation of displays.

Photocopy documents and assist with preparation of worksheets etc as requested.

Perform other duties as requested by direct and dotted reporting line managers / supervisors.

Responsible for covering class for short periods of time in emergency situations.



Salary: 3 500 Dhs


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