04 May 2023

Opening For Hvac Engineer With Uae Experience

1) experience in Chilled water system and Direct Expansion (DX) system Split / Ducted split AC installation.

Large buildings are with chilled water system ( shopping malls. Office Bdg.


2) experience in Ducting, piping ( refrigerant tubing, chilled water pipes) , equipment installation.

3) experience in Tendering, Estimation, BOQ , Design, installation, commissioning etc.

4) Man power / man hour estimation knowledge for new installations, maintenance, retrofit works, piece work etc,

5) Design of cooling load calculation, ducting, piping ( Ref and chilled water lines), equipment selection , drawings , documentation etc ,

7) Product knowledge with various vendors.

8) Material sourcing

9) Previous project executed value/ Type of Bdg / Type of works etc.

10) Workmanship / Site knowledge


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