27 April 2023

Sale Executive Vacancy in Dubai

Sales Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities:

The main goal of a Sales Coordinator is to coordinate and oversee the flow of a company\'s services or products to consumers. To reach this goal, they must be able to handle the following day-to-day duties:

Assigning territories and quotas to company sales staff.

Coordinating training and scheduling for sales staff.

Maintaining supplies of sales presentation materials, including slides and brochures.

Analyzing customer shopping data to optimize sales efforts and better identify potential customers.

Tracking the quotas and goals of each member of the sales team.

Entering order information into the company database.

Answering client questions regarding their account or sales products.

Working with staff members from other departments such as marketing, research/design and financing to optimize sales.


Salary: 4 000 Dhs


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