26 April 2023

Aircraft Cabin Cleaner Vacancy in Dubai

Aircraft cabin cleaners are responsible for keeping the interior of airplanes clean and tidy. They may work on a variety of aircraft, from small private jets to large commercial airliners.

Aircraft cabin cleaners typically have a very specific set of duties that they perform throughout their shift. These duties may include vacuuming carpets, wiping down surfaces with disinfectant wipes, removing trash from bins, etc.

Aircraft Cabin Cleaner Job Duties

Aircraft cabin cleaners have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

Providing excellent customer service to all passengers by greeting them with a smile and helping them with any questions or concerns they may have.

Cleaning floors, walls, seating areas, ceilings, and other surfaces using a variety of cleaning products and equipment, including mops, buckets, brushes, vacuums, and chemicals.

Cleaning bathrooms and toilets using cleaning products such as bleach or disinfectant.

Maintaining aircraft interiors by replacing light bulbs, repairing small dents in walls, replacing carpeting, and conducting other minor repairs.

Cleaning up spills and removing Stains from upholstery and carpeting.

Cleaning windows inside the aircraft using specialized equipment such as squeegees and spray bottles of cleaners.

Painting interior walls and applying touch up paint to scratches or dents.

Cleaning the aircraft exterior by washing the plane with soap and water or a specialized cleaning solution.

Vacuuming rugs and upholstery, shampooing carpeting, and dusting furniture and other items in the passenger cabin.

There are a few requirements for becoming an aircraft cabin cleaner, which may include:

Education: Aircraft cabin cleaners typically need a high school diploma or GED certificate. Some Airlines may require a post-secondary certificate or an associates degree in hospitality or another related field.

Training and experience: Aircraft cabin cleaners typically receive on-the-job training from their new employer. This training may last for a few days to a few weeks and will teach the new employee how to properly clean the aircraft cabin. The training may also include how to use the cleaning equipment and chemicals.

Certifications and Licenses: Aircraft cabin cleaners typically dont need certifications. However, some employers may offer certification programs that show employees how to work safely around aircraft and how to perform specific cleaning tasks.

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