24 April 2023

Human Resources And Admin Executive Vacancy

Manage and record leave and attendance

Oversee 3rd party Public Relations Officer services including visa processing of all staff.

Draft employee correspondence e.g. Offer letters, employment contracts, salary certificates etc.

Organise, manage and update personnel files.

Oversee the onboarding of all new hires


Collate data and prepare monthly reports on operational performance.

Effectively manage bookings through social/email Channels.

Manage company email enquiries

Assist with pre-opening procurement and business set-up requirements.

Oversee company voucher and gift card processing.

Liaise with Dubai Municipality for all associated requirements.

Manage customer review correspondence

Finance and procurement

Assist in the preparation of payroll

Oversee the preparation of Human Resources related payments e.g EOSB.

Manage the procurement process from supplier registration to stock control.



Salary: 4 000 Dhs


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