11 May 2023

Civil Engineer Vacancy in Dubai

Civil Engineer Duties and Responsibilities:

The Civil Engineer is responsible for designing and supervising infrastructure projects. They ensure each project is feasible by analyzing local and environmental impacts and making sure that they can be completed on time within the budget restrictions. Other duties and responsibilities may include:

Analyzing survey reports, long-range plans, maps and other data to design new projects.

Considering budget, regulations and environmental hazards during risk-analysis stage.

Preparing material, equipment and labor cost estimates and confirming costs are within the budget.

Forecasting design and construction timeline.

Completing and submitting all permit applications to the appropriate agencies and ensuring projects are compliant throughout the design and construction stages.

Overseeing soil testing to establish soil strength and building feasibility.

Using design software to create project drawings and renderings.

Managing repair and maintenance of infrastructure projects.


Salary: 10 000 Dhs


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