03 April 2023

Sales And Marketing Executive Vacancy in Dubai

Sales and marketing personnel are responsible for promoting and selling products or services of a company to potential customers. Their job duties include:

Conducting market research to identify potential customers, competitors, and trends.

Developing marketing strategies to reach target audiences and increase sales.

Creating promotional materials such as advertisements, brochures, and presentations.

Networking and building relationships with clients, industry professionals, and other stakeholders.

Identifying and pursuing new sales opportunities.

Meeting with clients to present and sell products or services.

Negotiating contracts and closing deals.

Providing excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Analyzing sales data and reporting on sales trends, customer behavior, and market conditions.

Collaborating with other departments such as product development, customer service, and finance to ensure the success of sales and marketing efforts.

Overall, sales and marketing personnel play a crucial role in driving revenue growth and achieving business objectives. They are typically outgoing, persuasive, and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.



Salary: 3 500 Dhs


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