29 March 2023

Mechanical Engineer Vacancy in Dubai

We are looking for a skilled mechanical engineer to join our team. You will be responsible for working on all stages of our production cycles, from research and design to manufacturing, installation, and evaluation.

To be successful as a mechanical engineer, you should be a highly creative individual with the ability to develop innovative solutions to our clients problems. The top candidate will also have the ability to communicate their technical ideas in a clear manner, both visually and verbally.

Mechanical Engineer Responsibilities:

Designing, manufacturing, and installing components that fulfill requirements.

Analyzing problems or deficiencies and developing solutions to resolve them.

Conducting experiments and evaluations to improve and innovate product designs.

Creating plans and designs using CAD technology.

Estimating budgets and time scopes for each project.

Writing technical documentation for machine operators.

Ensuring that products meet compliance regulations.

Collaborating with project managers and other engineers in our team.

Mechanical Engineer Requirements:

Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering (masters preferred).

Licensed as a professional engineer.

experience working in the mechanical engineering field.

Superior computer skills, with solid experience in CAD, CAM, and Matlab/Lab View programs.

Ability to run simulations and analyze test data.

Ability to write clear and comprehensive technical documentation.

Highly analytical mind, with exceptional problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

Kindly send your cv on whatsapp +EXPIRED7



Salary: 5 000 Dhs


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