09 November 2022

Autocad Drafter Vacancy in Dubai

An AutoCAD drafter is a creatively and technically proficient individual who helps organizations in modifying and finalizing product layout as per the instructions given by the designing and engineering team. He has to receive the rough drafts of a product from the team and accordingly put that design on AutoCAD with accurate specifications and features.

The advantage with AutoCAD is that the production/construction team is able to understand as to how they need to execute the process to give the product the required look.

An AutoCAD drafter plans and prepares rough drafts or blueprints of the preliminary designs and specifications provided by the engineering or production team. These designs are again reviewed and discussed to identify and implement any positive changes or additions to the current design and features.

With a minimum experience of 2 years, you can apply for our company open position.

Drop your CV on whatsapp via +EXPIRED0



Salary: 5 000 Dhs

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