03 November 2022

Marketing Commerce Executive Vacancy in Dubai

A well known manufacturing company is looking for a marketing and e-commerce executive urgently to grow their e commerce business by improving the customer experience, executing customer order fulfilment and maintaining the digital platform, ensures smooth operation in the e-commerce business. The candidate must be collaborative and results-oriented. He/She must be technology-savvy and able to work well under pressure. Preferably on visit visa.

Please send your cv to 123 hr.global (at) gmail.com.

Coordinate order processing, delivery and returns of customer orders.
Coordinate with other teams on the execution of brand, marketing and e-commerce activities.
Ensure the fulfilment of customers\' orders via store pick of delivery service.
Execute activities driven by data analytics.
Identify strategic business partnerships.
Implement new business collaboration plans.
Implement preventive and corrective measures of disaster recovery plan.
Implement the customer loyalty programs.
Implement the e-commerce activities.
Maintain business partnerships.
Manage a diverse service environment.
Manage the operations for good service.
Manage the service quality and customer satisfaction.
Monitor and maintain proper functionality of the website.
Observe the sales, promotions, marketing and social media activities over digital platforms.
Operate and maintain existing IT networks based on the standard operation procedures.
Prepare insights report on the data-mining outcome.
Promote good service performance.
Provide specialised knowledge and insights to the development of technology strategy.
Track and report the business outcome of data-driven insights.


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